The many unique and valuable elements that comprise OSU's 570-acre Corvallis campus, such as registry in the National Register of Historic Places, the variety of natural features including creeks, wetlands, grasslands, and mature tree groves, and the buildings that house OSU's twelve colleges, Administrative Offices, Research Labs, Pac-12 athletic venues, recreational facilities, and a variety of student residences, make planning and developing OSU's built environment a rewarding challenge for the Capital Planning and Development team. 

The dedicated staff of Capital Planning and Development include skilled professionals with a diversity of skills to oversee the real estate; land use planning; design and development; and space management needs for OSU's built environment. 

  • The Director and the CPD Administrative Services Team (including HR support, communications and business processes, and IT and geospatial services) support the efforts of the various offices within the Capital Planning and Development Department:

    • The Office of Capital Planning works collaboratively with OSU leadership, colleges, departments, City officials and our colleagues within Capital Planning to manage the process for intake, evaluation and inclusion of capital project requests into the university's capital plan.  This includes both short and long-range goals to define, prioritize and plan for upcoming projects over the next ten years. The Office of Sustainability is housed within the Office of Capital Planning.

    • The Office of University Land Use Planning works with OSU leadership, city and county public officials, community members, and other units within Capital Planning and Development to provide guidance regarding large scale land use at OSU, zoning and regulatory requirement compliance, permitting, and surveys and assessments regarding the intersection of people with OSU's built environment.

    • The Office of Leasing and Strategic Real Property Management works with various units, departments and colleges, across the university and across the State, to get (and keep!) them in the places that they need to be.

    • The Office of Design and Construction oversees and supports hundreds of small and large capital projects for the University every year. From planning through construction, our team endeavors to plan and develop facilities and landscapes that enhance the teaching and research objectives of Oregon State University.

    • The Office of Space Management has the designated responsibility for maintaining the university’s space inventory.