Construction document control and archiving is managed and housed in the Plan Center at the Oak Creek Building. 

Staff oversees the plan review process for capital construction projects, catalogues and digitizes drawings, specifications, and operating and maintenance manuals.  Associated planning studies, engineering reports and surveys are also housed in the Plan Center. The documents can be quite extensive, ranging from 2” thick to 24” thick (for multi-volumes). Additionally, staff responds to requests for building specific information, providing the information electronically or by providing printed copies.

More than 30,000 drawings have been digitized and loaded into the database DiVA (digital vault archive) over the past few years. 


"The students at the plan center have gone above and beyond in fielding my questions and printing up bluprints for me. I truly appreciate their diligence in helping me navigate through the campus via prints. I wanted to tell you that they represent that department well and appreciate all that they do. Thanks again"