The workgroup will initially spend time engaging in learning, so everyone has a shared understanding of terms and concepts, the basics of organizational change theories, and an idea of how policies can lead to inequities among people.

Early in the process, the workgroup will create a communication plan that includes community outreach and regular sharing of information. The workgroup will collect and analyze relevant data, including stakeholder input, division self-assessments, employee surveys, focus groups and institutional data.

The workgroup will identify specific actions and proposed metrics for the division’s DEI priorities that map to the Framework for Success. The workgroup will make recommendations for effective employee recognition across the division and within units, with consideration of equity and inclusion.

Workgroup members will meet weekly. The committee co-chairs will meet monthly with the division’s senior leadership team, and senior leaders will be invited to workgroup meetings as needed for discussion and decision-making. The vice president will provide some limited funding to facilitate the workgroup’s meetings.

Workgroup members will be released from their typical schedules for 2 hours each week, as needed, to allow for participation in committee meetings and contributions to shared work. Workgroup members will receive a letter of commendation from the vice president and recognition of their contributions at the division’s annual meeting.

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