Get Involved in DFA Inclusive Excellence

Are you interested in serving on a focus group or helping advance a specific action from the DFA plan? Do you have relevant subject-matter expertise to share? Send an email to DFA Diversity to connect with members of the DEI Advancement Committee and talk about ways you can get involved in efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in your department. 

In the meantime, check out some of the reasons your DFA colleagues got involved with advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the division.

“DEI efforts and activities are gaining momentum in all areas of the workforce, and I wanted to be a part of bringing those initiatives to our division. There are not many opportunities across the division to work with others outside of your workgroup, department, or larger unit and this seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Overall, it has been a positive experience. Every time the group has met, I have learned something new and positively engaged with others.”  - Christine A.  

“As one of the few women of color in my department, I have firsthand experienced direct and indirect interactions at OSU that have made me feel excluded and unwelcomed. I know that I am not alone sharing in these experiences, and I know that we can all do better, and do more.  I volunteered to be part of this committee because I have a voice, it deserves to be heard and I want to be part of the positive change for DFA and OSU. There is a lot of work to do, and DEI efforts will require patience, dedication, ongoing conversations, learning opportunities, and persistence.” – Melissa M.

“To truly affect cultural change, I believe everyone needs access to resources, information and to be able to practice. It’s similar to learning a language—first you learn words, then grammar but you also need to practice speaking and that is the scary or difficult part of learning a language. Joining this group helped build the foundation that others could use, share and build the skills to make change. I wanted to help create the vision of why DFA needs to change. If everyone thinks business-as-usual is working, then change won’t happen.” – Aviva R. 

“As an accountant by trade, integrity, objectivity, and independence have always been explicit values in my career. Working with the DEI group has provided me an opportunity to exercise other life values I have: The values of kindness, respect, & service.  I may not always have the bandwidth to attend a protest, a march, or have the money to donate to a cause, but these meetings with other DFA employees provide me a safe space to learn and participate. I think the most important thing I have learned is that educating myself and living the values of diversity, equity, & inclusion is a lifelong journey.” – Sudie S.