How to Nominate a Coworker

Nominations will be accepted from any DFA employee, including student employees, supervisors and directors. You can even nominate yourself or your own team.

For full consideration, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Identify an eligible employee within the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA) you think deserves recognition in one of the award categories.  
  2. Prepare your letter of nomination: Describe how your nominee excels in the criteria for the award you selected.
    • Be sure to include specific examples of how the person meets the criteria and ways they demonstrate a commitment to OSU’s values and the DFA guiding principles.
  3. Find someone who is familiar with the activities identified for your nominee and ask for their support of your nomination. This person can be any OSU employee or student.
    • You will provide the supporter’s email address on the nomination form, and they will be sent a link to second your nomination.
    • Only one supporter per nomination is accepted. If you have multiple supporters, consider asking one of those people submit a separate primary nomination.
  4. Access the online nomination form and complete all sections by midnight on or before August 31, 2020. Nominations received after the deadline date will not be included for evaluation.
    • It is recommended that you prepare both elements of your nomination before accessing the form (a draft of your nomination letter to paste into the online form, and the email address for the supporter you have identified).

Nomination Help

Submitting a successful award nomination can be a rewarding experience. In an effort to help you prepare your nomination, below is information that you might find helpful for developing your nomination narrative.

Getting started

  • Write your draft nomination using Microsoft Word, Google Document or on paper
  • Begin with the list of criteria for the award
  • Identify the person who will provide support for your nomination - customer, supervisor, executive leader, etc.
  • A few things to consider as you develop your nomination
    • Consider sharing the burden, split up the nomination criteria and ask co-workers to share in the writing
    • Identify how your nominee consistently demonstrates the criteria for the award
    • Provide examples of outstanding actions of the nominee as they apply to the criteria
    • Indicate why is your nominee worthy of the award
    • Be sure your statements are specific to the award criteria
    • Consider quotes from other people that help support your nomination, i.e. managers, supervisors, executive leaders
    • Speak from the heart - share how the nominee helped you or others

Content tips

  • Avoid jargon as the Awards Committee not be familiar with the terminology
  • Be specific in your examples. Avoid stand-alone or generalized phrases, like those below, as they are not examples of extraordinary contributions. 
    • "Fun to work with."
    • "The best boss I ever had."
    • "Great to work with."
    • "My nominee does a great job generating reports."

Pulling it all together

Once you have gathered all your information, pull it together into a narrative. When complete, access the link to the DFA Employee Awards Nomination Form and fill in the information as required. When complete, click submit and your nomination will be sent to the Nomination Support contact for completion.

Narrative Examples

Example One:

In their role as an accountant, Benny, consistently demonstrates exemplary service while maintaining a positive attitude, even when the request is challenging. They are very responsive to departmental requests for more information about budgets and financial plans. On a daily basis, we deal with a number of departmental budget issues and often have questions related to the applicable accounts. We frequently call Ben with a budget or accounting question and consistently receive a quick reply or an answer. We are never concerned about a delay in reply.

Frequently, the questions asked of Ben are redundant and complex. With Ben, it never matters, as they are always efficient, pleasant and helpful. You can tell there is a smile on their face when they pick up the phone – happy to help. Recently, Benny has assisted us with the tracking and accounting for expenses related to an office remodel. From the beginning, they helped us through a complex process of tracking rent, operating costs, consultant and building fees, related to the remodel and the interim relocation to three different outlying offices in Corvallis. We were grateful for Benny’s engagement in the process, from the beginning through the reconciliation of budget to actual expenses to project close. Ben frequently exceeded our expectations, for example, by creating a relatable spreadsheet for us to track our costs.

We appreciate the outstanding customer service Benny provides day in and day out. Their cheerful demeanor and expert knowledge of matters related to accounting and project oversight, provides of level of consistency worthy of the DFA Customer Service award for 2018.

Example Two:

Samantha (Sam) has been the construction inspector on the Sleepy Hall construction and the Shell Hall renovation, both of which had multiple challenges. They are knowledgeable, responsible and ethical, and saved a significant amount of money and time on both projects. Sam works hard to make sure the end user’s requirements are a priority. For example, during an inspection an error was located in an electrical outlet placement on the south wall. Sam caught this error before the hanging of the drywall, saving money and time on rework.

When Sam says, “I’ll take care of it,” you can be assured it will get done. Difficulties and cost issues came up continuously throughout the projects. Sam is motivated to help identify the best solution and most cost effective solution that will keep the project on budget and on time. Sam helped to redirect sub-contractors and others, as project steps were reprioritized or delayed. Without blame and judgement, all conversations about project changes were completed in an efficient manner.

Sam is an excellent communicator, whether by phone or text, providing a summary of the issue and follow up with details in an email later. Having someone who values our projects, as much as we do, has created a seamless process that has us considering more projects in the future (as long as Sam can be our inspector).

We hope you, too, will agree that Samantha is deserving of recognition for the outstanding service during fiscal year 2018. We ask that Sam receive serious consideration for the 2018 DFA employee award for Leadership.