DFA Award Nominations Due by July 9, 2021

How to Nominate a Coworker

Nominations will be accepted from any DFA employee, including student employees, supervisors and directors. 

For full consideration, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Identify an eligible employee within the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA) you think deserves recognition in one of the award categories.  
  2. Prepare your letter of nomination: Describe how your nominee excels in the criteria for the award you selected.
    • Be sure to include specific examples of how the person meets the criteria and ways they demonstrate a commitment to OSU’s values and the DFA guiding principles.
  3. Access the online nomination form and complete all sections by midnight on or before July 9, 2021. Nominations received after the deadline date will not be included for evaluation.
    • It is recommended that you prepare your nomination before accessing the form.

Nomination Help

Submitting a successful award nomination can be a rewarding experience. In an effort to help you prepare your nomination, below is information that you might find helpful for developing your nomination narrative.

Getting started

  • Write your draft nomination using Microsoft Word, Google Document or on paper
  • Begin with the list of criteria for the award
  • Identify the person who will provide support for your nomination - customer, supervisor, executive leader, etc.
  • A few things to consider as you develop your nomination
    • Consider dividing up the nomination criteria and ask co-workers to share in the writing
    • Identify how your nominee consistently demonstrates the criteria for the award
    • Provide examples of outstanding actions of the nominee as they apply to the criteria
    • Indicate why is your nominee worthy of the award
    • Be sure your statements are specific to the award criteria
    • Consider quotes from other people that help support your nomination, i.e. managers, supervisors, executive leaders
    • Speak from the heart - share how the nominee helped you or others

Content tips

  • Avoid jargon as the Awards Committee not be familiar with the terminology
  • Be specific in your examples. Avoid stand-alone or generalized phrases, like those below, as they are not examples of extraordinary contributions. 
    • "Fun to work with."
    • "The best boss I ever had."
    • "Great to work with."
    • "My nominee does a great job generating reports."

Pulling it all together

Once you have gathered all your information, pull it together into a narrative. When complete, access the link to the nomination form for the award and fill in the information as required.