In a time of rapidly changing circumstances, the Framework for Success enables DFA units to identify deliberate shifts and evolutions that can improve our operations while advancing division-wide strategic priorities and supporting the university community’s broader goals. Fall 2023 is a very exciting time in the Division of Finance and Administration as we wrap up the initial implementation stage of the DFA Framework for Success and move to the ongoing development, maintenance and oversight of the Framework program. To maintain this work, the vice president for finance and administration charged a team of F4S Champions, selected for their subject matter knowledge and positional responsibilities.

The Framework for Success Champions Team will play a critical role in our division to:

  • Reiterate OSU’s core values and the DFA Guiding Principles as a foundation of the division’s work;
  • Help employees see how their individual work efforts impact the DFA’s strategic priorities and, ultimately, OSU’s goals and mission;
  • Reduce barriers between units and between people, and provide employees with a common language, a unified direction and a sense of belonging to a broader community;
  • Create attention and discipline around intentional continuous improvement activities.

The Charge for F4S Champions Team 

The key activity of the Framework for Success Champion Team is to integrate the various perspectives of unit-level work into a division-wide system that supports the sustainability of the Framework within DFA culture. To achieve this outcome, the team will:  

  • Possess deep understanding of the structure and operation of the F4S program, including working knowledge of underlying concepts and theories.
  • Understand how unit-level metrics teams are thinking, understanding and interacting with the Framework.
  • Oversee the ongoing functioning and performance of the F4S program and its component parts, recommending updates as needed to the vice president.
  • Champion the F4S within DFA units and organize the maintenance of unit metrics.
  • Develop and implement communication plans that regularly share outcomes and insights arising from F4S metrics and dashboards.

Additionally, the team will be responsible for:

  • Marketing and promoting the F4S and its use across the division.
  • Providing DFA employees across the division with training opportunities for the F4S.
  • Providing support for the conceptualization of new metrics, metrics development and updates to existing metrics (in collaboration with the F4S dashboard team).

The F4S Champion Team will develop an annual work plan and provide regular (at least quarterly) updates about their work and outcomes to Vice President Green and division senior leaders. 

Download F4S Champions Team Charge (PDF)

F4S Champions as of September 2023

Greg Balck, Student Accounts Receivable Manager, Controller’s Unit
Michael Bamberger, Manager of Emergency Preparedness, Department of Public Safety
Jargal Battulga, DFA Data Storyteller, DFA Information and Technology
Kendra Buford, Manager of Deposits and Cash Handling - Treasury Operations, Controller’s Unit
Lane Byrnes, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Controller’s Unit
Kayla Campbell, Associate Director of Budget Analytics, Budget & Resource Planning
Hanna Emerson Wiese, Construction Contracts Supervisor; Procurement, Contracts & Materials Management
Dan Harlan, Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety
Morgan Hatch, Payroll Accounting Compliance Coordinator, Controller’s Unit
Danny Hough, Associate Director of Project Management, Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office
Manmeet Singh Khetarpal, Business Analyst, Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office
Renee Lyon, Travel & Expense Manager, Controller’s Unit
Mike Mandzuk, Director of Compensation and HR Data Analysis, University Human Resources
Erin Martin, Director of Communications and Web, DFA Information and Technology
Richard Prewitt, Fiscal Coordinator – Financial Accounting and Reporting, Controller’s Unit
Bonny Ray, Executive Director, University Human Resources
Melanie Rose, Manager of DFA Strategic Initiatives (F4S Champion Lead)
Lisa Silbernagel, Associate Director of Research Administration and Accounting, Controller’s Unit
Katie Vorderstrasse, Assistant Director of Insurance and Risk Management Services
Carolyn Warfield, Director of HR Strategic Partners, University Human Resources
Monika Watkins, Director of Capital Project Delivery; University Facilities, Infrastructure & Operations


DFA Framework for Success Unit Champions

DFA Framework for Success Unit Champions advocate, steward and manage the Framework for Success within their work unit/department to ensure consistency in its application and evolution. They represent their unit/department on the F4S Champion Team and serve to:

  • Gauge the performance of the Framework and unit metrics by identifying improvements; assessing, tracking and reporting on metrics; providing updates on the health and progress of the framework; monitoring engagement with and use of the Framework within the unit.
  • Actively engage as a member of the Champions Team to understand and inform guidance, training and effective change management communications.
  • Act as a liaison for information and understanding about how unit teams are thinking about and interacting with the Framework; represent the individual unit’s perspective and needs among the team; share learning and information with unit leaders and across the division.

F4S Unit Champions are assigned by DFA senior leaders based on their position in the unit. Ideally, Unit Champions exhibit a passion for operational excellence and a curiosity for why and how things happen; they employ a systems perspective and understand the interconnections of work across units; and they know how unit metrics function and are being used.

Team Roles

DFA Data Storyteller

The DFA Data Storyteller works with functional units as a central resource for the realization of Framework for Success metrics through visualization, implementation, maintenance and evolution. The Data Storyteller serves as a technical and tactical subject matter expert to assist the team in: 

  • Visualizing information by assisting functional units in reporting, modifying and creating new visual dashboard elements for metrics.
  • Implementing data visualizations to ensure a consistent look and feel for information dashboards.
  • Maintaining updated metrics by working with unit data stewards to regularly refresh dashboards, troubleshoot issues with data systems and maintain a long-term F4S database
  • Evolving the Framework by assisting functional units to modify and create new metrics visualizations over time.

The DFA Data Storyteller serves on the Champion Team because of their role as a subject-matter expert and resource. 


Framework for Success Champions Team Lead

The Framework for Success Champions Lead is responsible for advocating, stewarding and managing the Framework for Success across the division to ensure consistency in its application and evolution. The Champions Lead will:

  • Convene the F4S Champions Team on a regular basis, supporting engagement with and across all units.
  • Coordinate the Champions Team to oversee and maintain the operation of the F4S program.
  • Develop and implement change management and communication plans with input from Unit Champion, and provide guidance and training related to those plans.
  • Collaborate with DFA IT optimize reporting, monitoring and process automation.

The F4S Champions Lead also serves as liaison with the DFA Senior Leadership Team, providing updates on the health and progress of the Framework, and coordinating closely with division-level strategic planning, performance reporting and communication efforts. The F4S Champions Lead is assigned by the vice president for finance and administration.