The principles that guide our actions 

The DFA principles are statements that provide guidance in decision-making and action-taking. The DFA guiding principles provide us with a common set of values, shared by all, aligning how we approach and pursue our goals. They help remove silos between work groups and promote teamwork through commonly defined key terms.

We believe these principles will allow Finance and Administration teams to effectively support the university’s mission and strategic plan.

The DFA guiding principles are intentionally framed within the university’s core values to show they are the foundation of everything we do. The principles are deliberately structured so that our actions (in bold) support the outcomes (in plain text).

     Structured and inclusive decision-making generates effective results. 

     Clear and transparent communication conveys and confirms intent and respect for all stakeholders.

     Process consistency, balanced with flexibility, improves efficiency and effectiveness.

     Community safety and respect for all its members embodies our core values, and enables our mission. 

     Active stewardship of resources ensures the long-term success of the university. 

     Assessing and managing risk balances innovation and compliance.

     Clearly defined and integrated policies, standards and processes that remove institutional bias, coupled with
     appropriately delegated authority, empower employees and improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.