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Amy Keene, Project Manager, Capital Planning and Development

"It was very refreshing and encouraging to see Amy's professional, direct approach to solving a recent construction issue. Her dedication to solving problems and advocating for OSU (both units and the campus as a whole) is commendable." - Rebecca Houghtaling

John Gremmels, Director of Capital Planning

"John is instrumental as the lead preparer of the capital projects dockets for each board of trustee meeting. He works collaboratively with the project manager and department to ensure that information received includes the necessary components to accurately fill in the sections of the docket. John works diligently to meet the deadlines prepared by others..." - Keahi McFadden

Lanling He, Analyst Programmer, Enterprise Computing

"Lanling is a terrific representative for her department and an excellent OSU employee. She is very responsive to requests for assistance - especially when there is a critical business stop that involves a programming issue with the technical tools that are used. She consistently has a positive attitude and is willing to help find a solution.' - Charlotte Rooks

Brittany McDonald, Associate Director, Human Resources

Brittany continues to go above and beyond in representing the entire university HR office in the ESM project. Brittany has done an excellent job representing HR, taking the lead on workstreams, and bringing excitement to the project. She does an amazing job of balancing issues/needs while also pushing the units and project team to be creative in solving them too." - Danny Hough

Angel Silkbaron, Human Resources

"Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Angel for helping us figure out how we can support some of our grad students for fall term who have unusual academic and/or funding situations. She has answered about 10,000 questions from both myself and other CEOAS faculty and coordinators as we work last minute to make sure all our grads are set up for Fall term." - Kelsey Herman

Lewis Walker, Class and Compensation Consultant, Human Resources

" Lewis has a willingness to partner with us. The myriad of questions and circumstances that he assists us with are always met with an attitude of "How can we get you to where you want to go." He is dedicated to resolving issues and working through barriers. He genuinely wants us to succeed." - Keahi McFadden