​What DFA IT does runs much deeper than "business as usual". Our priorities align with DFA's strategic priorities, with our partners at UIT and the OSU IT Strategic Roadmap, and ultimately, strategic actions from OSU's SP 4.0. But considering our goals, our grand expedition is more of a rugged mission, going down a determined path. We're ready to do great things for ourselves, DFA, OSU and our external stakeholders by forging strong relationships, solving tough problems and being the best at basics.

Aligning with DFA's guiding principle to convey and confirm intent and respect for all OSU community members through communication and engagement that is responsive, clear and transparent

Our Role: Trusted Partners

DFA IT strives to cultivate and maintain trusted partnerships.

What does this look like?​

  • DFA IT prioritizes building up internal partnerships​
  • DFA IT mirrors for external partnerships​
  • DFA IT works in a transparent manner

Aligning with DFA's guiding principle to balance innovation and compliance through active assessment and management of risk

Our Role: Trailblazers

DFA IT creates innovative and elegant solutions. ​

What does this look like?​

  • DFA IT questions the status quo​
  • DFA IT builds for tomorrow's problems​
  • DFA IT answers the WHY​
  • DFA IT leverages trusted solutions

Aligning with DFA's guiding principle to improve the satisfaction of OSU community members through empowering employees with appropriately delegated decision-making authority.

Our Role: Best at Basics

DFA IT prioritizes and optimizes its work​.

What does this look like?​

  • DFA IT staff is empowered by having sufficient space and resources to succeed
  • DFA IT works from a strong foundation
  • DFA IT​ makes automation second nature
  • DFA IT is appropriately staffed​
  • DFA IT manages staff capacity and actively balances projects across the team