Shoppers: By default, all OSU employees (with a few exceptions) will have access to shop in the BennyBuy marketplace for supplies and services. After creating a “shopping cart” with their selected goods and/or services, a Shopper assigns their cart to their department or Business Center “Requestor” to place the order into workflow.

   Requestors:  In coordination with the Business Centers, Colleges and Departments assign the Requestors for their unit with the responsibility to submit transactions to requisition workflow.  Requestors review the carts that are sent to them from their respective business areas, ensure account code and other information is accurate, and submit the order to system workflow.  Additionally, Requestors can build and submit carts from scratch without a Shopper's involvement, but only Requestors can submit transactions to workflow.  For orders under $5,000, workflow will send the orders from the Requestor straight to the vendor for fulfillment, except for transactions requiring special approvals.  For orders over $5,000, when a Requestor submits a transaction to workflow, the system will route the transaction through Budget Authority, Business Center and other reviews and/or approvals, as appropriate. 

  Approvers:  Workflow is configured to invoke Business Center, PaCS, Budget Authority, and other applicable review and approval. To expedite low-dollar transactions, the Requestor role will have purchase authority up to $5,000 and is responsible for ensuring that the purchase meets OSU business expense policies. 


     Invoice Entry: Invoice entry personnel are responsible for inputting both PO and Non-PO invoices and credit memos into BennyBuy. Once finalized, invoices and credit memos are routed through BennyBuy for the proper approvals.


 For more details on BennyBuy roles see the Training Library page