Shopper By default, all OSU employees (with a few exceptions) will have access to shop in the BennyBuy marketplace for supplies and services. After creating a “shopping cart” with their selected goods and/or services, a Shopper assigns their cart to their department or Business Center “Requestor” to place the order into workflow.
Requestor Requestors review the carts that are sent to them from their respective business areas, ensure account code and other information is accurate, and submit the order to system workflow.  Additionally, Requestors can build and submit carts from scratch without a Shopper's involvement, but only Requestors can submit transactions to workflow.  For orders under $5,000, workflow will send the orders from the Requestor straight to the vendor for fulfillment, except for transactions requiring special approvals.  For orders over $5,000, when a Requestor submits a transaction to workflow, the system will route the transaction through Budget Authority, Business Center and other reviews and/or approvals, as appropriate. 
Approver Workflow is configured to invoke Business Center, PaCS, Budget Authority, and other applicable review and approval.
Shopping Cart

While shopping in BennyBuy, the Shopper or Requestor adds goods or services to a virtual shopping cart to create their order. When they submit their shopping cart for approval, the shopping cart becomes a requisition.

Requisition A requisition is an electronic request that a Shopper or Requestor has prepared and submitted for approval. When a requisition completes the approval process, BennyBuy will automatically assign it a purchase order.
Purchase Order A purchase order is a legally binding contract sent to the supplier. It authorizes the shipment of a product to the Shopper at specified prices and terms.
Catalog Order

BennyBuy hosts catalogs from certain suppliers. These hosted catalogs allow shoppers to add items to their cart and place orders without leaving BennyBuy and without having to complete a Purchase Request Form. These transactions are catalog orders.

Contract Request Form This is a digital request to start a contract, or create a contract amendment that will not result in a purchase order, go though an approval workflow, or encumber funds.

Purchase Request Form

A Purchase Request Form is a digital requisition request modeled after traditional paper request forms. Its required fields include quantities, unit prices, product descriptions, and supplier selection.

Punchout Order

Enabled suppliers in BennyBuy allow shoppers to “punch out” of BennyBuy to shop on the supplier’s own website. When shoppers check out on the supplier’s web site, they automatically punch back into BennyBuy to complete their order. These transactions are punchout orders.

Account Code

Account Codes are standardized accounting codes that classify procured goods and services. They are required components of the Index and FOAPAL entry.

See Frequently Usded Account Codes

Non-Catalog Request Form  Traditional requisition request requiring quantities, unit prices, product descriptions, supplier selection, and a procurement checklist.
Supplier Invoice

After providing requested goods or services ordered, the supplier will send an invoice to the bill-to address on the purchase order. This itemized bill includes the total amount charged, the specific prices for each line item, and the terms.

e-Invoice Some suppliers transmit their invoices directly to BennyBuy instead of mailing them. These are called e-Invoices.

A receipt acknowledges that a supplier has provided all or some of the goods or services requested. A receipt indicates to BennyBuy that an invoice should be paid. BennyBuy requires receipts for orders of $500 or more to satisfy a three-way match.

Two-Way Matching

A two-way match means the price on the invoice agrees with the price on the purchase order within a certain tolerance. Orders less than $500 only require a two-way match to process. Therefore, BennyBuy does not require a receipt for these orders.

Three-Way Matching

A three-way match denotes that the price on the invoice and receipt falls within a certain tolerance of the purchase order. That is, the price matches three ways—on the purchase order, the invoice, and the receipt. Three-way matching is necessary for orders of $500 or more. Therefore, these orders require the recipient of the goods or services to create a receipt in BennyBuy.

Payment Request Form