Airgas Info Guide  
American Hotel     Contract
Apple   Info   Contract
B&H Photo Info Guide Contract
Bio-Rad Info    
Carolina Bio Info   Contract
CDW-G Info   Contract
Completebook Info Guide Contract
Connection   Info Guide  
Dell  Info   Contract
Digikey Info    


Fastenal Info Guide Contract
Fisher Scientific Info Guide Contract
Genesee Info    
Grainger  Info Guide Contract
Graybar  Info Guide Contract
Henry Schein Info Guide  
HP Info   Contract
McMaster Carr Info    
Medline  Info Guide Contract
MWI Veterinary Info    


Newegg   Info Guide  
Office Depot Info   Contract
Qiagen Info    
Sigma-Aldrich   Info    
Staples  Info   Contract
Smith CFI Info   Contract
ThermoFisher Scientific Info Guide  
Troxell Info  


VWR Info Guide Contract
Waxie Info Guide Contract

Supplier Information Sheet

The  Contract   represents suppliers that have a contract with OSU or the State of Oregon.

The Info button will take you to a supplier information sheet that contains supplier contact information and details on how to shop with the supplier.

The Guide button contains supplier provided walk throughs on how to shop within the punchout website.

This page is currently under construction and we will be adding a tip sheet for each supplier as we receive details on each one.

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