The Division of Finance & Administration and University Information Technology are co-sponsoring a multi-year project to support general billing and receivables at OSU. Many colleges and units across OSU send invoices and collect fees related to events and operations. The goal of the Non-Student Billing and Receivables project is to standardize, simplify and modernize non-student billing and receivable operations across OSU, with specific objectives to improve customer experiences, reduce costs, increase revenue realization, improve internal controls and risk management, and enhance decision-making.

Project Benefits

  • Improvements are operationalized and sustained over time

  • Internal controls over billing and accounts receivable are enhanced

  • Staff involved in accounts receivable functions are adequately trained and backed up

  • Stakeholder satisfaction – OSU customers experience a positive and consistent accounts receivable process

  • Number of billing and accounts receivable systems in use across OSU is minimized

  • Overall burden of billing and accounts receivable management is reduced

Status Update - June 2022

Over the course of May and June, the core project team designed an inventory survey in Qualtrics to better understand how non-student billing and receivables are currently processed across OSU. The survey was then distributed to contacts in billing units across the university in early June.

The team is analyzing the collected data and will start customer journey mapping with selected units in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for communication from us in the next few weeks. These journey mapping efforts will provide additional insight into unit processes and experiences, use of best practices that can be shared, as well as help develop requirements for the future billing and receivables solutions and practices.

Inventory Survey

Heard about our inventory and interested in learning more? If so, please fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us!

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Project Team

  • Kirsten Bradley – Project Manager
  • Thomas Arand – Business Analyst
  • Lissa Perrone – Director of Business Services
  • Dwight Brimley – Accounts Receivable Manager, Controller’s Unit
  • Issam Rifai – Programmer Analyst, Enterprise Computing Services
  • Gwen Frye – Accounting Technician serving College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Greg Balck – Student Accounts Manager
  • Carly Weber – Conference Services Project Manager
  • Cindy Middlebrooks – Seed Lab Office Manager
  • Yanli Zhang – Fiscal Services Manager Research Office
  • Allison Majnarich – Operating Systems Network Analyst, Telecommunications

Project Sponsors

Heidi Sann, Associate Vice President for Finance & Controller
Division of Finance & Administration                                                                          

Amy McLaughlin, Executive Director, Technology & Solutions Architecture
University Information & Technology



Contact the Project Team with any questions or concerns.