Campus Facilities and Grounds
Section 006: Environmental Health and Safety
Effective: 04/20/2010

1.   Environmental Health and Safety

  1. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) administers the OSU safety program and helps the university administration in meeting its health and safety responsibilities. EHS is responsible for other safety functions including, but not limited to
    1. Accident incident record keeping
    2. Accident investigation
    3. Biological safety
    4. Chemical carcinogen safety
    5. Fire and safety inspections
    6. Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance
    7. Hazardous chemical emergency response
    8. Hazard communication and material safety data-sheet information
    9. Hazardous waste disposal
    10. Industrial hygiene surveys
    11. Prescription safety glasses
    12. Safety complaint investigation and resolution
    13. Safety consultation and training
  2. For further information, please refer to the OSU Safety Policy & Procedures Manual, as well as the Safety Instructions.

2.   Radiation Safety

  1. Radiation Safety is responsible for monitoring the use of radioactive material and radiation machines at the university and administering the radiation safety program. The Radiation Safety Office is in the Environmental Health and Safety Dept. Radiation Safety provides the following services:
    1. Consultation and training on safety procedures in handling radioactive material
    2. Radiation surveys
    3. Radioactive material disposal
    4. Radioactive material and radiation machine inventory record keeping
    5. User authorization
    6. Dosimetry
    7. Inspections
    8. Maintenance of the university’s radioactive materials-use license