Campus Facilities and Grounds
Section 007: Campus Facilities and Grounds Policies and Procedures
Effective: 04/20/2010


a.   The following policies apply to all campus construction projects subject to the terms of the ADA, and appropriate Americans with Disability Act Design Guidelines.

b.   Entry Point: Main entry points to a building shall be constructed in a manner that allow for universal access.

  1. Door access shall be electronically controlled to exceed the ADA building code requirements and meet the OSU Construction Standard.

c.    Bathrooms: For new construction, a minimum of one ADA accessible bathroom shall be installed on every floor per the OSU Construction Standard.

d.   Stairwells: the stairwells shall accommodate the design specifications of the OSU approved Evacu Track unit per the OSU Construction Standard.

e.   Backup generated power will be provided to a minimum of one passenger elevator in each new building or when backup generated power is provided to existing buildings on campus.