Campus Facilities and Grounds
Section 007: Campus Facilities and Grounds Policies and Procedures
Effective: 04/20/2010


a.   This policy governs the control of keys on the Oregon State University campus.

b.   Anyone in possession of an Oregon State University building key shall:

       i.    Keep the key in a secure location anytime the key is not in use.

      ii.    Immediately report a lost or stolen key.

     iii.    In the event the key is lost, then the key holder may be held liable for the costs associated with re-keying the buildings accessed by the lost key.

     iv.    Return any key no longer needed.

      v.    It is not permitted for a key holder to transfer posession of a key to another employee.  All keys must be returned to the Key Shop and reassigned to the appropriate person.

     vi.    All keys shall be assigned to a person, not a department, organziation, or committee, etc.

    vii.    A department head shall:

            1.   Ensure all keys are returned for any employees that will no longer be working for the university.

            2.   Maintain a current authorized signature card at the Key Shop.

     viii.    A deposit shall be required for any key issued.  Please refer to the Facilities Services Key Request Form for current deposit fee.