Campus Facilities and Grounds Policy and Procedures Manual

a.   This policy governs the practices and procedures for any and all building construction activities on the Oregon State University campus.

b.   The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Establish central regulatory responsibility for the university’s physical spaces
  2. Assure that university-wide interests are met
  3. Applies to all university-related facilities, statewide
  4. Applies whatever the funding source

c.    This policy is intended to prevent construction activities from occurring or being initiated by departments or building managers without first ensuring that:

  1. The applicable permits are obtained.
  2. The work is planned and implemented in compliance with the applicable building code regulations, fire code regulations, ADA guidelines, OSU best practices, and zoning code regulations.
  3. All university space (regardless of its assignment to a particular department or organization), is managed, renovated, altered, etc., in a consistent manner in accordance with the applicable policies and procedures of the appropriate university committees such as the Campus Planning Committee, University Space Committee, University Safety Committee, etc.
  4. All required analyses, such as an electrical load analysis, are completed prior to the installation of equipment.
  5. The space is assigned to the department interested in initiating the alteration or construction.
  6. The contractors being used are licensed and in contact with the appropriate Facilities Services staff.
  7. Appropriate professionals are used to design and engineer the work.
  8. An asbestos survey and abatement are completed in accordance with Policy 15.h of this manual prior to the work commencing.
  9. Changes in existing building systems are completed in a manner that do not adversely impact the systems overall operational efficiency.
  10. The Procurement and Contract Services Office is contacted so the appropriate coordination for all appropriate contract services is completed.

d.   A department, Building Manager, organization, etc. shall not commence any improvement, remodel, renovation, demolition or installation of equipment without first contacting the Facilities Services Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 for consultation and coordination of work. 

e.   All department representatives and building managers interested in initiating a construction project shall contact the Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 to coordinate the effort with Facilities Services prior to the commencement of work. 

f.    A department, building manager, organization, etc., shall not initiate any work on building systems (HVAC, electrical, etc.) or install any mechanical equipment or research equipment without first contacting and coordinating the proposed work with Facilities Services.

g.   Policy 15.d and 15.f of this manual apply to any project on campus regardless of the fact that the work is being completed by Facilities Services or by an outside contractor.

h.   Any work requiring a permit needs to be coordinated with Facilities Services prior to the work commencing.

i.     Prior to the start of any renovation, alteration, etc., the Facilities Services Environmental Health Safety Department shall be contacted to coordinate a survey for suspect and known asbestos containing materials in the project area.  No flooring or building materials shall be removed or demolished without first contacting Facilities Services Environmental Health and Safety.

j.    Prior to the start of any renovation, demolition, alteration, etc., Environmental Health and Safety shall be contacted to review the proposed project isolation plan to ensure the safety of university personnel, students, and the general public.

k.   All local exhaust systems used to control the exposure of humans to hazardous chemicals or other detrimental materials in the air shall be approved by Facilities Services Environmental Health & Safety.  For acceptable models for use in OSU applications, please contact the Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 or visit the Environmental Health & Safety web site at

l.     When project construction will impact an adjacent parking area, then the Project Manager shall contact Transit and Parking Services prior to any work commencing to ensure all applicable Transit and Parking Standard Operating Procedures for construction activities impacting parking areas are followed.