Campus Facilities and Grounds
Section 007: Campus Facilities and Grounds Policies and Procedures
Effective: 04/20/2010
Revised: 11/11/2011

a.   This policy is intended to govern the procedures associated with the planning and submission of a capital construction project.

b.   A capital construction project is any project subject to the terms and conditions of the Oregon Administrative Rule Division 63.

c.    A major capital construction project is a project sponsored by a college or department that is in excess of 500K and requires new construction, new equipment, or additional space.

d.   A minor capital construction project is a project that is more than 25K, and requires two or more Facilities Services trades or outside contractors.

e.   All capital construction projects with values over $1 million require State legislative authority.

f.    All major capital construction projects shall be approved and by the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Provost prior to submission to the Oregon University System.

g.   Any project submitted to Oregon University System or the OSU Foundation for potential funding shall include a conceptual design of the proposed building and two independent cost estimates for the proposed project.

h.  Any dean interested in initiating a new capital construction project can contact the Facilities Services Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 or visit the Facilities Services website to obtain a copy of the procedures associated with initiating a capital construction protect.