Generally, no. Employees should personally contribute to the cost of the meal rather than using university (E&G) funds.

Refreshments, meals, or affiliated supplies (ie: paper plates, cups, etc.) at unit functions can be paid with university (E&G) funds when the activity meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Training or workshop lasting at least two hours.
  2. Unit staff retreat with written agenda and held away from the normal work location and in a private room.
  3. Employee working meal with required attendance and business conducted during the meal period (as documented in meeting agenda); location is not at a restaurant, unless in a private room.
  4. Employee meal provided at worksite during an overtime period, two or more hours beyond the end of employee’s work shift, when duties prevent the employee from taking a meal break (must be clearly documented).

University (E&G) funds cannot be used to pay for employee meals or refreshments for regularly scheduled unit meetings. Use of the employee working meal option by a unit should be infrequent. Refer to the Hosting Groups and Official Guests policy for more information, and contact your Business Center for assistance.