Yes, when there is a clear benefit to OSU and prior approval by appropriate program personnel or budget authority (provide documentation of these requirements when requesting payment of related expenses).

For official guest direct-billed hotel charges, the host or budget authority must specify the business purpose and business title of those being hosted. The business purpose may be written on the invoice or attached as a statement. If the invoice includes meals, the documentation must meet the hosting documentation requirements shown in FIS 410-05.

The candidate schedule for all invoices involving candidates (hosting, lodging, shuttle) must be provided or the information may be handwritten on the invoice or on an attached statement.

The flyer/announcement or schedule, or service contract, must be provided for all invoices involving speakers or consultants.

It is critical to include the correct name and address for the reimbursed party to assure payment is made to the correct address.

Please refer to OSU’s policy on hosting groups and official guests for more details and contact your Business Center with questions.