If you pay the vendor directly, please complete a Personal Reimbursement Request form and work with your Business Center to process it within 60 days of the event. Include the following information.

Details about the hosted event:

  • Who:  Names of the individuals hosted and the individuals doing the hosting. Also, describe the title/relationship to the University for each attendee to help understand the business purpose.
  • What:  What was the nature of the hosted event? Was it lunch, dinner, breakfast, entertainment, or something else?
  • When: The dates and times of hosted events.
  • Where: Location or locations that the hosting took place.
  • Why:  Purpose and reason for hosting. Must describe what the benefit gained to OSU was from conducting the hosting.
  • Note: Names are not required when hosting large informal group gatherings; however, the announcement or agenda of the group gathering indicating the university purpose is to be attached to the reimbursement or invoice payment request.


  • Itemized to show meals, gratuities, alcoholic beverages and any charges for room use. (A "tear tag" showing only the total charge is inadequate for reimbursement.)

Average Amount:

  • The calculated average cost per person for refreshments or meals must be included with the reimbursement request. The average is determined by dividing the total cost (meal/refreshments including tip and delivery charge) by the number of attendees.