Travel expenses only:

  • Request a vendor set up from your Business Center. You can then fill out a TRES reimbursement request on his or her behalf. The speaker’s expense reimbursement is processed like any other travel reimbursement, and the standard employee reimbursement policies apply. (For details, see the Travel and Reimbursements FAQs.)


Paid Honorarium (speaker fee):

  • If you will be paying an honorarium, be sure to start this process well in advance of the speaker’s arrival, as it may take some time to get everything set up. If travel expenses will be paid along with an honorarium, these expenses should be included with the honorarium and not reimbursed separately. Direct billing is allowed for airfare, lodging, and meals for speakers. Also, be aware that if the speaker has a contract that they require OSU to sign, then this will have to be routed through Contract Services. Contact your Business Center for assistance.
  • Paid Honorarium, less than $5,000:
    • Fill out a Vendor Payment Form. The guest speaker and department budget authority must sign the form, and then submit it to the Business Center for processing.
  • Paid Honorarium, more than $5,000