Depending on the procedures for your work unit, either fill out a Travel Reimbursement Entry System (TRES) document or give the original receipts to your department’s travel coordinator and ask them to initiate a reimbursement request for you.

  • Direct access to the TRES system requires previous training; please refer to the TRES System Training webpage.

Print out the TRES reimbursement request, sign it, and have it approved by your department’s budget authority.

The traveler or travel coordinator (depending on procedures for your work unit) scans or sends the original signed form and original receipts to your Business Center, and submits the electronic TRES document to the Business Center. Please be aware that you must submit your travel reimbursement within 60 days of the end of your university-related travel in order to be reimbursed. Review the Travel Reimbursement Policy for more details.

Note:  Direct deposit is a convenient option for travel reimbursements.  Here are the instructions to sign up for Direct Deposit.