An invoice from a vendor must include the following information before OSU can pay it: vendor’s name, vendor’s mailing address, and a bill-to address at Oregon State University. Purchasers should verify that the invoice matches the goods or services which OSU received.

Following the procedures outlined by your Business Center, determine the billing index and/or activity code that is being charged for the expense, provide information about “who, what, when, where, and why” the purchase was made, and obtain the budget authority’s approval.

Note that if the invoice is addressed to an individual employee at a non-OSU address, payment cannot be made directly to the vendor. In this case, the individual should pay for the product or service themselves, and then request reimbursement from OSU (if it is a qualified business expense). This request for personal reimbursement is made using a Reimbursement Request Form with proof of payment attached.
Contact your Business Center with specific questions and for assistance with paying invoices.

Note: When scanning the invoice to the Business Center, the original documentation must be retained in your department for one year from the date it was scanned. You will find the Records Retention policy here: