Graphic stating 50 Years of Earth Day & Recycling at OSU

50 Years of Earth Day & Recycling at OSU: Our Past, Present, and Where to Go Next

Wednesday, April 22nd, 6:30-8:00 pm, on Zoom
Event recording now available here and embedded below

Minute markers on video:

  • (0:34 mark) PAST: Panelists John Matthews and Rick Barnett discuss the history of Earth Day and recycling at OSU, followed by Q&A (23:18)
  • (33:19 mark) PRESENT: Speakers Taylor Munro (33:50) and Alyssa Mannigel (41:25) highlight waste management efforts today, followed by Q&A (45:07)
  • (51:02 mark) FUTURE: Facilitator Lily Butler provides introductory info about small group discussions (not recorded), followed by sharing out from groups (53:31) and how to get involved (1:06:00)

Event Description

Fifty years ago, communities came together across the country on the first Earth Day to collectively address the many environmental crises the country faced. Here at Oregon State University, students hosted an entire week of events and a public recycling collection event, efforts that led to a campuswide recycling collection program that served as a model and driver for recycling efforts at OSU, in Corvallis, for the state of Oregon, and even across the country. 

Join this three-part virtual event to hear from panelists who played lead roles in the first Earth Day and recycling programs at OSU in the 1970s, followed by current OSU students who will share highlights from waste and materials management today, and lastly to discuss – with your input – what we envision should be next. The event will provide ample opportunity to not only learn about the fascinating history of and current goings-on of waste management at OSU, but also to ask questions and socialize with other audience members about our ideas for what OSU’s future should hold.

Event is sponsored by OSU Campus Recycling and the Waste Watchers club. For questions, please contact Andrea Norris of OSU Materials Management via email.

Zoom Event Details

  • How to join the event:
    • A few minutes before the event starts, open your Zoom app, click Join, and enter meeting ID 985-9042-5913 and the password 541888.
  • Getting started if you’re new to Zoom: 
  • Tips for all attendees:
    • Please mute yourself at all times, except when the moderator let’s you know we’re ready to hear your question or comment.
    • Displaying your own video is optional. Having it on is more personal; having it off may be best when distractions are present or your connection is glitchy. 
    • Raise your hand virtually when you’d like to speak up during Q&A so the moderator can see and call on you. Do so by clicking Participants on your toolbar and clicking “Raise Hand” (and later “Lower Hand”) at the bottom of that panel.