EAB Graph of Central BI Team

In a recent research publication, A Common Currency: Achieving Excellence in Data Governance and Adoption of Analytics, the Education Advisory Board showcased Oregon State for best practices or “Hallmarks” in 5 of 20 categories. The best practices were implemented through Oregon State’s Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE) initiative:


  • Hallmark 1: Institutional Ownership of Data—OSU’s incorporation of data as an Institutional Asset into the University’s Strategic Plan
  • Hallmark 4: Pop-Up Data Dictionaries—OSU’s Pop-Up Metadata
  • Hallmark 12: HRIS Access Rights Coding—OSU’s Complete Coverage System
  • Hallmark 17: Crowdsourced Innovation—OSU’s Embedded Suggestion Boxes
  • Hallmark 19: Centralized Business Intelligence Group—OSU’s Formation of a Central Business Intelligence Team