Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 100: Revenue (External) - Depositing & Recording
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 01/28/2015



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Outside entities may reimburse the campus, pay a service provider directly, or reimburse an employee for travel expenses related to OSU business. If the service provider is paid directly or if reimbursement is made to an employee, documentation should be maintained in the campus travel records. Documentation should include the traveler's name, identity of the outside source, travel destination, travel dates and OSU business purpose. If reimbursement is made to the campus, it should be accounted for as a reduction of expense. The cash receipt record attached to the check/payment must indicate the Banner document number and account code of the original cost being reimbursed.

To reimburse the University when the traveler is paid directly by an outside entity, the traveler must deposit the check in his/her account and then write a check payable to Oregon State University. When depositing this check at OSU, the original source of the funds should be indicated on the OSU deposit slip.

Any OSU business travel expenses that will subsequently be paid by an outside source (such as a conference organization) should be originally paid using general (E&G) funds. These costs should not be placed on grants or contracts, because an awarding agency could be invoiced for the costs in error. Both the original expenses and payment by an outside source must reside on the same E&G funded index. If the cost is inadvertently paid on grant funds, the cost must be moved to an E&G fund source.