Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 100: Revenue (External) - Depositing & Recording
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 03/10/2016



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


  • 103-01 Petty Cash Funds
  • 103-02 Incoming or Outgoing International Wire Payments (Wire Transfers)
  • 103-03 Intercollegiate Athletics - Ticket Sales, Student Fees, Contracted Operations
  • 103-04 Information Services - Photocopy & Computer Printing Services
  • 103-05 Housing and Dining Services to Non-students - conference income, food service, catering
  • 103-06 Income Account Code to Agency Funds Using a JV

103-01 Petty Cash Funds

Petty cash funds are set up for the purpose of paying for small office supplies. It is not for the purpose of refreshments, entertainment, travel, hosting, conference registrations, or membership fees. Petty Cash purchases have the same documentation requirements and fall under the same restrictions as all other OSU purchases.

Use the guidelines for purchasing card usage when determining appropriate use for petty cash. A listing of restricted uses of the OSU Purchasing card is available on the Business Affairs website. These are guidelines that should also be used in determining what can be paid for using the Petty Cash fund.

See FIS 407-02: Petty Cash for additional details of the policy and procedures for a Petty Cash Fund.


103-02 Incoming or Outgoing International Wire Payments (Wire Transfers)

OSU accepts wire transfers of funds as payment. Individuals sending a wire transfer should include the following information:

  • Beneficiary name, street address, City/State/Country
  • Receiving bank, street address, City/State/Country
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Purpose or description
  • Originator
  • Originating country
  • Dollar amount
  • Date to be sent
  • Document number

The Wire Transfer Form (pdf format) is located on OSCAR under Forms and then Payment Request.


103-03 Intercollegiate Athletics – Ticket Sales, Student fees, Contracted Operations

Intercollegiate Athletics is an auxiliary with part of their revenue derived from ticket sales, student fees, and a percentage of sales from contracted operations such as concessions, broadcasting, and souvenir sales.

Other fund sources include Lottery proceeds that are received as "Funds from an Other Government Agency," general funds (used primarily for salaries), and revenue from bowl games. Other sources of revenue include guarantees, foundation support, conference revenue, special events, etc.


103-04 Information Services – Photocopy & Computer Printing Services

Information Services provides a Copy Center service to the campus students, faculty and staff. Copiers are provided in the copy center utilizing an access card for billing.

The Copy Center also is available to produce color copies and to copy requested materials from reference books in the library for students, faculty and staff. Services are also available through the Central Media Center for printing in student computer labs.


103-05 Housing and Dining Services to Non-students – Conference Income, Food Service, Catering

University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) provides accommodations for conference attendees during the summer months when the student population in the residence halls is much less than during the academic year. Income is received from room rental and food services. All revenue is deposited into the housing auxiliary operating funds.

Income (cash sales) is received from campus visitors in the food service centers, and through the OSU Catering Services. Catering services are offered to groups meeting on campus.


103-06 Income Account Code to Agency Funds Using a JV

Normally, 0xxxx (Revenue) account codes are not allowed on JV’s unless there is a reference to the original “F” document which shows that the dollars came from an outside source and are being moved via JV. However, when “paying” an Agency fund with University dollars, account codes 06xxx or 08xxx would be appropriate. The dollars are from an “internal source”, but in essence, are going to an “outside source” since Agency Funds are not OSU funds, or on OSU’s financial statement.

Do not use 79xxxx or 09xxxx account codes for these transactions.

For example: Paying the conference fee for a University employee attending a conference that is financially managed in a 9xxxx Agency Fund. There would be a debit to 28601 Conference Registration on the departmental index and a credit to 06403 Conference Income on the Agency index/fund.