Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 1100: Banner Processes
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 7/03/2014



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Additional processing guidelines must be followed for large vendor payments. Attention to detail is of paramount importance when verifying that the item(s) and amount(s) invoiced by the vendor correspond precisely to the purchase order or contract.

Approvals consist of verification that accurate documentation is in place in Nolij, that a contract or Purchase Order was completed, that the payment is in accordance with the payment terms of the contract, and that the payment has programmatic approval.

If the payment is sent via wire transfer, all steps below must be followed with the exception of FIS Banner approvals. Wire transfers to do not route through approval queues in Banner so the appropriate approval documentation must be submitted with the Wire Transfer Request Form.

Approval must be granted by the following officials at the noted dollar thresholds.

Dollar Threshold Required Process and Approving Officials
$25,000 and greater

For payments pertaining to the purchase of goods or services:

Banner invoice completion by a Procurement, Contract, and Materials Management  Analyst or Officer per PaCS 304-001 Invoice Completion and Approval.

For payments pertaining to Capital Planning and Development for procurement of BOLI PWR applicable services:

Banner invoice completion by a Capital Planning and Development staff member.

$300,000 and greater Above requirement plus Banner approval by Business Affairs
$1,000,000 and greater

Above requirements plus written approval confirming payment is in accordance with the payment terms of the Purchase Order or contract from the following individuals:

Capital Planning and Development (CPD) Projects
CPD Financial Services Associate Director or
CPD Financial Services Fiscal Coordinator 2

Procurement of Goods and/or Services
Chief Procurement Officer or
Procurement Manager or
Strategic Procurement Manager

$5,000,000 and greater Above requirements plus written programmatic approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration or Provost


1.       E-Mail to appropriate Department:

Procurement of Goods and/or Services - Submit an email to PCMM at requesting invoice approval and completion related to the procurement of goods or services. 

Reference the Banner Invoice document number, provide supporting documentation or information for verification that the appropriate procurement method has taken place or that an existing contract is in place, and provide the names of the individuals who reviewed the payment for adherence to the contract terms and provided budgetary approval.  This explanation must also be included in the Banner Invoice document text.

2.       The required approving official will review the invoice and documentation in order to make an approval determination.  If the purchase or contract for goods or services procurement or BOLI PWR procurement is determined to be unauthorized, the process for rectification or ratification of the unauthorized procurement will be followed. See PaCs 203 Unauthorized Procurements or Contracts.

3.       Once approved by the required authorized approver, PCMM or Capital Planning and Development staff member will complete the invoice in Banner as applicable.

4.       After all written approvals are received and the Banner invoice is completed, Business Affairs will finalize the payment process