Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 200: Revenue (Internal)
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 12/01/2014



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Parking on the Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus requires a permit.  Parking is an auxiliary enterprise and sells permits for parking to faculty, staff, students, and visitors as individuals. 

Institutional funds are not to be charged for parking space furnished to employees for personally owned automobiles when the employee’s primary work location is on or adjacent to the main OSU Corvallis campus.  This ruling applies to annual staff parking permits, daily permits, monthly parking permits, etc. Permits for spaces for University service vehicles may be paid for with University (non-grant) funds.

Temporary shared or daily permits for those employees whose primary duty station is away from the Corvallis campus and surrounding vicinity may be paid for with University (non-grant) funds as long as employees are visiting the main campus to conduct university business on a temporary and infrequent basis. Use of university funded permits for these purposes must comply with OSU and IRS Travel Policy guidelines.

In addition, a three-hour courtesy department parking permit may be purchased with institutional funds for employees who are required to utilize their personal vehicle in the performance of their official duties. This may occur when an OSU employee who has purchased a permit for a lesser priced zone is requested by their unit to move their vehicle to a higher priced parking zone so the employee may assist another unit. A valid staff parking permit purchased by the employee must be displayed along with the department parking permit.

Parking Permits purchased for employee use with institutional funds must be supported with documentation and include the following information at the time of purchase:

  • Type of permit purchased
  • Description of the circumstances creating the need for the permit
  • Primary work location of employee(s) who will use the permit

Revenue from parking permits and citations are deposited into the operating fund for managing and maintaining campus parking. If a permit is refunded, the refund comes from the income account for permits. The same applies to citations. Once a month, outstanding Accounts Receivable (A/R) citation accounts are sent to Collections.

Reference: Board Standard 580-040-0025, Board Standard 576-030-0020