Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 400: Expenditures
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 08/05/2016



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


409 Determine What Account Code to Use

To determine which account code to use on a transaction use the following considerations:

  1. Purpose of the transaction
  2. Description of account code in FIS Ex003-02 Account Codes
  3. Information contained in OSU Fiscal Manual, especially FIS 410 Expenditure Types
  4. If the cost is for a service or other taxable transaction
  5. New information which is distributed from the OSU Business Affairs via FIS Quest list serve or other source.

Most importantly, consider the purpose of the transaction.  For example, food purchases could be for a nutrition class (instructional supply), workshop (conference refreshments), graduation event (hosting), or catering (for resale).    

Expense Account Code Category rollups

20001   Supplies and Minor Equipment (201xx – 203xx)
21000   Agricultural Related
22000   Communications
22500   Postage and Shipping
23000   Utilities
23300   Waste Disposal
23500   Maintenance and Repairs
24000   Rentals and Leases
24500   Fees and Services (245xx – 249xx)
25000   Medical Services and Supplies (250xx – 251xx)
28000   Assessments (280xx – 284xx)
28501   Employee Related and 1099 reportable
28600   Conferences/Entertainment and non-OUS participant support
28700   Fiscal Management Expense
28800   Debt/Investment Expense
28900   Miscellaneous Services and Supplies
29000   Training
39000   Travel (390xx – 397xx)
39900   Subcontracts
40000   Capital Outlay (includes Equipment)
50000   Student Aid
60000   Items for Resale
70000   Indirect Costs
79000   Internal Reimbursements
80500   Depreciation Expense
88000   Student Loan-related Expense
90000   Transfers

Account codes in the 5xxxx, 6xxxx, 7xxxx, 8xxxx, and 9xxxx series have restrictions and are not to be used with certain funds.    See section 409-01 for details.

Account codes in the 0xxxx series are for revenue and are only used for non-OSU (cash) revenue or internal sales of Designated Operations, Service Centers, and Auxiliary Enterprises.

Although the purpose of the activity determines which account code to use, sometimes the funding source also has an influence.  Having the funding source (general funds, sponsored funds, designated operations funds, or auxiliary funds) is important when processing expenses.

More examples:

  • If the University President rents an airplane to attend a board meeting in eastern Oregon, it should be charged to a travel account code.
  • If an airplane is rented to take aerial photos of the campus, the account code to be used is for equipment rental.
  • Advertising for the purpose of institutional promotion such as new students, Mom’s Weekend, or to advertise events for students is charged to account code 24612.
  • Advertising for the purpose of hiring personnel, bidding on the purchase of goods or services, or sales of goods is charged to account code 24611.
  • Use account code 28606 for conference facilities rental.
  • Account codes 24150 (Land Rental) and 24151 (Building Rental) should only be used when paying an outside vendor.  The only time they can be used on journal vouchers is a redistribution of an original vendor payment with the “I” document referenced.
  • At OSU, use account code 23522 for building maintenance materials, not for equipment maintenance materials.  For equipment maintenance supplies or materials use 23501 or 23523.
  • Use 29040 Training - Tuition/Registration-Employee instead of 28601 Conference Registration when the conference, workshop, or class enhances the ability of the attending employee in the performance of their duties or when academic course credit (including CPE credits) is given. Examples: computer software applications training, supervisory or other human resource training, organizational skills, writing skills, grant fundamentals workshop, or WACUBO management skills workshop.


409-01 Account Code Restrictions 

Many account codes are reserved for use with specific funds. 

General Ledger Account Codes:

Use only a Fund with these Account codes (No Index, ORG, Program or Activity codes) 

  • Axxxx – Asset accounts (Do not use A0901; this is internal to Banner)
  • Bxxxx – Liability accounts
  • Cxxxx – Control accounts (Do not use; internal to Banner)
  • Dxxxx – Fund balances (Do not use; internal to Banner)
  • E0xxx – Fund additions (Contact Business Affairs before using)
  • F0xxx – Fund deductions (Contact Business Affairs before using)

Operating Ledger Account Codes:

  • 0xxxx – Revenue Account Codes
       011xx-019xx Tuition and Student Fees - General fund only.
       02xxx Appropriations - 0011xx, 030xxx, 034xxx funds only.
       03xxx Gifts, Grants, Contracts - Restricted funds only (fund type 3x).
       07xxx Medical Services - only on Student Health funds.
       09xxx Internal Sales income - only on 05xxxx, 09xxxx,1xxxxx funds.
                           Do not use with Cash deposits.
  • 1xxxx – Payroll related expenses
       101xx -106xx salary - not allowed on 9xxxxx agency funds.
       109xx OPE – not allowed on 9xxxxx agency funds.
       1095x Graduate Tuition Remissions – not allowed on 9xxxxx agency funds.
  • 2xxxx – Supplies & services
       20190 testing group incentive – usually only on grants.
       23522 maintenance materials – use for building maintenance only.
       2490x designated operations support – general & gift funds only.
       28629 and 2863x participant support – usually only on grant funds; includes payments to/for Post Docs.
  • 3xxxx – Subcontracts
       399xx subcontracts – only allowed on grants.
  • 4xxxx – Capital Expenditures
       4010x equipment – not allowed to remain on 1xxxxx Auxiliaries or 09xxxx Service Centers funds at year end.
       Cost must be capitalized to A8xxx account codes.
  • 5xxxx – Student Aid
       51xxx, 52xxx scholarships – not allowed on E&G funds or grants.  Gift funds only, e.g. OSUF FSxxxx funds.
       53xxx Grants-in-aid – YIA and FSxxxx Athletic indexes only.
       55xxx participant support and 59xxx other student aid – not allowed on E&G funds. Cost only allowed on grants and gift funds.     Participant must be a registered OUS student.  286xx codes are used for Post Docs, visiting faculty stipends and non-OUS students.
  • 6xxxx – Merchandise for Resale
       Only allowed on Auxiliary enterprise and Service Center funds.
  • 7xxxx – Indirect costs
       70003 Designated Ops Administrative costs.
       70005 Facilities and Administrative (indirect) cost.
       Do not use. This is internally generated by Banner.
  • 8xxxx – Student Loans
       Do not use.  For Business Affairs only.
  • 9xxxx - Transfers
       Generally, must be between the same Fund Type. 
       Contact Business Affairs before use.
       91501 & 92501 Cost share transfers.  These are internally generated by Banner.   Do not use.

A matrix depicting specific account code restrictions can be found at FIS-Ex003-13.


409-02 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

See the FAQ's link on the Business Affairs website for additional information

A Powerpoint, Demystifying Account Codes is available for your review.