Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 411: Travel
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 01/15/2015



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


A conference attendee traveling on official University business may be reimbursed for the registration fee or have the registration fee prepaid by the University with supporting documentation of the event (i.e. brochure, agenda showing the dates and location, letter of invitation, etc.).

Do not request reimbursement for meals included or prepaid with the conference.

“Prepaid” is when the University (not the traveler) pays the registration fee for the traveler before the conference, function, or event takes place. If registration fees are prepaid, it should be noted on the traveler’s reimbursement request to be eligible for conference lodging exceptions.

Methods of payment:

  1. Personal Reimbursement - When a registration fee is paid by the claimant, a signed receipt or a computer receipt showing the amount paid must be attached and can be reimbursed after the event.
  2. Purchasing Card (PCard) - The OSU Purchasing Card is the preferred method for registration to a conference.  Contact your unit purchasing card custodian. Keep a copy of the registration form to submit with the Travel Reimbursement Request. The same instructions apply if any meals are associated with the registration fee.  See FIS 408-01 Procurement Cards. This card may not be used to pay any costs associated with social functions held in connection with the conference.
  3. Direct Bill - A conference host may be willing to invoice the unit for a traveler attending the conference. Send invoice and original registration documents to the appropriate Business Center so the invoice can be processed for payment.
  4. Payment Request Form - Submit a completed registration form with the Payment Request form.  The registration form should show the amount of the registration fee.  Send these documents to the appropriate Business Center where an invoice is prepared so a check can be mailed with the original registration form to the vendor. When stating the name of the vendor, do not use initials or acronyms.  State the full name of the vendor since this information is required for the vendor history file.  However, if the initials are the name of the vendor, note that fact on the Payment Request.
  5. Wire Transfer - Units may elect to make registration payments via wire transfer, especially when paying an agency overseas. Submit a Request for Wire Transfer form (a typed form is preferred with the appropriate supporting documentation) to the appropriate Business Center.  The Cashier's Office will initiate the wire transfer request and the State Treasury will complete the transaction. The form must be signed by a unit supervisor and not by the same person who filled out the Request for Wire Transfer form.
  6. Journal Voucher (JV) may be used for a registration fee when a unit on campus sponsors a conference.  The debit will go to the attending unit’s general fund on an expense account code 2XXXX.  The credit will go to the sponsor’s workshop fund on an income account 09XXX.