Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 411: Travel
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 08/01/2016



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Expenditures requiring receipts need to be substantiated by original valid receipts provided by the vendor detailing the goods or services received and showing proof of payment.  If this information is not printed clearly on the receipt, and in those rare instances when a receipt has been lost or destroyed, an affidavit signed by the claimant and the unit head providing the vendor’s name and address, an itemization of the purchase, and a disclaimer that no alcohol was purchased can be substituted.  The affidavit should be used only in rare circumstances.  Since credit card charge slips and credit card statements provide proof of payment, but do not normally provide an itemization of the expense, they cannot be accepted as a valid receipt.  Small receipts should be taped (not stapled) to a larger piece of paper.

Travel Related Expenses requiring receipts (per transaction)

  • Conference registration
  • Conference lodging showing proof of amount over per diem
  • Car rental
  • Gas for car rental
  • Group meals with list of attendees
  • Mileage log for out of state private vehicle or actual odometer readings
  • Hosting
  • Airline baggage fees over $25
  • Commercial lodging
  • Airfare, if purchased by traveler
  • Visa and passport expenses over $25
  • Commercial ground transportation over $75
  • Miscellaneous expenses over $25
  • Group meals with list of attendees

International travel expenses - International travel expenses must be converted to U.S. Dollars (USD).  Proof of the currency exchange rate must be included in the reimbursement request.  It is recommended to use OANDA or Xe currency exchange websites.

Proof of currency conversion must be included when the exchange has occurred whether it be in the form of

  1. receipts obtained by the traveler along with a print-out of the currency conversion from a recommended website, or
  2. a copy of the claimant's credit card statement(s) showing the travel expense(s) and currency conversion, or
  3. a print-out from the bank showing the currency conversion when it occured.

It is acceptable to average the exchange rate for the entire trip or show expenses using one of the expense calculators on the recommended websites above.

See Grant, Contract and Gift Accounting (GCG) Policies and Procedures Manual for receipt requirements for grant funds.

Non-Travel Related Expenses - Any expenses claimed for non-travel related purchases (supplies) must be accompanied by a receipt regardless of the dollar amount. The appropriate 20xxx account code must be used for this part of the reimbursement.