Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 411: Travel
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 05/23/2016



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Permitted reimbursements are based on Oregon State University Policies which indicate applicable state statutes, regulations and administrative rules. Permitted reimbursement amounts relating to mileage, lodging, and meal/incidental expenses may be found on the Business Affairs Website. Expenses are not normally reimbursed unless specifically identified as reimbursable.  A person incurring a non-reimbursable expense is personally accountable for the expense. 

The following are some expenses not normally reimbursed:

  • Home-to-office travel
  • Deviations from the most direct and usually traveled route
  • Expenses incurred because the employee is accompanied by family member
  • Travel expenses associated with personal travel (i.e. personal travel insurance)
  • The cost of alcoholic beverages
  • Meal expenses above the per diem rates
  • Lodging expenses above the per diem rates
  • Tips/gratuity*
  • Interest on personal credit cards
  • Mileage reimbursement for non-private vehicles
  • GPS navigation units
  • Personal travel upgrades
    • Airfare (select seating preferences, early check-in, etc.)
    • Lodging (selecting a suite or king-size room instead of single room, etc.)
    • Transportation (choosing limo service, add-on services for car rentals, etc.)
  • Meals when provided with conference or lodging accommodations
  • Quotes, purchase orders, reservations, or confirmations

*Gratuities - Tips paid by OSU employees for services received while on travel assignments are personal expenses and cannot be reimbursed. An exception is made for reimbursement of group travel. In such cases, a gratuity of up to 15% of the expense may be reimbursed when supported by an itemized receipt. Some examples of where this might be appropriate are group meals and commercial ground transportation.

Loyalty Points and Programs - Because the cost of record-keeping outweighs any monetary benefit, and consistent with Board policy, OSU will not recapture bonuses awarded employees for loyalty programs such as frequent flyer miles or credit reward programs. The value of points, frequent flyer or other bonus plans redeemed for official University travel is not a reimbursable expense. In addition, the terms of some grants and contracts may restrict the traveler from earning frequent flyer miles.