Fiscal Operations Manual
Section 900: Transfers
Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 03/18/2016



Please see current Fiscal Policy Manual for current policies


Transfer account codes are used in OSU’s Operating Ledger in instances where budget, revenue, or expenditure redistributions are not appropriate. Transfer account codes are not revenues or expenses and are not to be used when an exchange of services or goods has taken place.

Transfers are used when moving from one fund type to another, such as in the case of providing funding from operations for a capital project. Transfers can be used within fund types to redistribute resources between individual operating funds, as in the case of funding for cost share. Transfer account codes are also used to move cash associated with budget within the Budgeted Operations fund type. 

The bulk of transfer transactions at OSU are posted via automated systems and background entries.  Beyond those automated entries, transfer account codes are to be used sparingly and with discretion since they can effectively change the nature of the resources which they move.

Examples of instances where manually-initiated transfer journal entries are appropriate:

  • Transfer from operations to a construction project.
  • Transfer of Incidental Fee resources to recipient auxiliaries.
  • Transfer to close out a designated operation or other self-supporting fund.
  • Transfer to subsidize a designated operation or service department (beginning 7/1/13).

Special considerations involving Budgeted Operations (fund type 11) funds: Appropriate transfers of funds within Budgeted Operations include cost share and cash transfers associated with budget adjustments between funds.  Both of these are automated actions and may only be adjusted by OSU Central Administration.  The Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA) manages cost share transactions and the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning administers all other Budgeted Operations transfer transactions.

Transfers within and between funds use different account codes in instances where Budgeted Operations (fund type 11) is one of the impacted fund types.  When selecting transfer account codes, careful consideration of the titles and descriptions is required in order to avoid errors.  For instance, for fund type 11 transactions 91001 and 92001 are both prohibited, 91005 is permitted, 92005 is prohibited and 92255 is permitted.

Transfers of funds associated with budget changes within Budgeted Operations should generally be transacted only within appropriate fund ranges.  Because Oregon State University has several distinct appropriation divisions within Budgeted Operations, transfers may occur within, but rarely between the following legislatively appropriated fund ranges:

OSU Education and General (E&G) funds   000000-019999
Cascades Campus E&G funds - subset     001800-001899
Ag Experiment Station funds (AES)          030000-033999
OSU Extension Service (ES) funds            034000-036999
Forest Research Lab (FRL) funds             037000-039999

Requests for transfers between these appropriated fund ranges must originate in or route through the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning on a Request for Budget Change form.

All transfer transactions are closely monitored for propriety by the Office of Business Affairs and inappropriate usage will be disapproved.  See FIS 902 Transfer Account Codes for details of how individual account codes may be used.