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Fiscal Policy Officer
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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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The Fiscal Policy Coordinator serves as a liaison between individuals who request to modify existing or create new fiscal policies/rules and the Fiscal Policy Officer who manages the university process for the fiscal policy program. Identified needs or issues can include any number of things including typos, omissions, revisions and policy improvements.

Business Centers and other units will each designate an individual for this assignment from existing staff within their unit(s). Coordinators must be knowledgeable of and experienced with administering and enforcing fiscal policy. They are a key element of the front line of the fiscal policy program and should possess the capability to differentiate credible proposals from those that are unworkable.


Each Fiscal Policy Coordinator is responsible for performing the following duties for their unit:

1. Receive and screen initial requests from requestors within their unit or department to modify a current fiscal policy or rule or to create a new fiscal policy or rule;
2. Communicate with requestors regarding any issues with the initial request (i.e. Incomplete information, policy or rule is already in place or suggested policy or rule is inappropriate);
3. Complete the fiscal policy request form or assist requestors with this task;
4. Submit the fiscal policy request form to the Fiscal Policy Officer for processing;
5. Establish and maintain communication between the Fiscal Policy Officer and requestors;
6. Collaborate with the Fiscal Policy Officer in administering the fiscal policy process;
7. Provide feedback to the Fiscal Policy Officer regarding issues related to fiscal policy compliance;
8. Coordinate the communication of new or changed policy and rules to users within their unit;
9. Assist and inform policy users within their unit in the use of the fiscal policy program website and available training opportunities.