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Fiscal Policy Officer
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Friday, November 30, 2018

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Following is the process to follow if you are unclear how to apply a current fiscal policy or associated rule:


  • Contact the person from your Business Center Fiscal Team that supports your unit to request an interpretation of an existing policy or rule, by providing a clear explanation of what you are trying to accomplish, interpret or fix.
  • The fiscal contact may seek additional information or advice from others, including the Financial Accounting Manager and/or Business Center Manager.
  • If further clarification is needed or there is still uncertainty on how the policy can be applied to a specific situation, the Business Center Manager may recommend contacting the appropriate Fiscal Policy Steward (as listed on the policy or rule).
  • The Policy Steward will provide further clarification and guidance, and may consult with the Director of Financial Accounting and Analysis as necessary.
  • The Fiscal Policy Committee will be consulted under extenuating circumstances, and will be informed of any ongoing issues or potential changes related to fiscal policy.
  • Any interpretation that has been elevated beyond the Business Center will be documented by the Fiscal Policy Officer as either a Frequently Asked Question or a formal ‘decision’ that will be posted on the Fiscal Policy Program website.
  • If it is determined that a new or revised fiscal policy or rule is needed, you will work with your Fiscal Policy Coordinator to complete and submit a Fiscal Policy Request Form (see Fiscal Procedure 03-100-111).