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Director of Business Affairs
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Friday, February 10, 2012

This information replaces FIS 301 & 306 Non-Student Receivables


Accounts Receivable - General

All funds that come directly into the University are entered into Finance through Accounts Receivable.  Documents processed from A/R into Finance begin with “F”.   Student account payments include advanced tuition deposits, tuition and various fees.  Non-student accounts receivable include wire transfers for research projects, 3rd party (sponsored student) billing, and departmental miscellaneous deposits.


Non-Student Receivables

Revenues are normally recorded in departmental indexes within three days of receiving them in the Office of Business Affairs.  Departments must submit accurate information when requesting billing, including amounts, names, addresses, and an appropriate detail code.

Accounts Receivable Detail codes must be established before charges can be processed.  A Detail Code Request form may be found on the Business Affairs website.

The Collection Department in the Office of Business Affairs is also available for assistance to departments with collection services on debts not recorded in revolving accounts.  These revenues are generally recorded at the time of collection.  Departments may contact the Office of Business Affairs Collection Manager for assistance.  When a department or college has a debt for which intervention is necessary, the account may be assigned to the collection department.