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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

This information replaces FIS 102-09 Attendee-Paid Funds for Recognition Event


Attendee-Paid Funds for Recognition Event

An Agency Fund, with an associated Index, may be established for the purpose of processing income and expenses connected with University recognition events where the participants/attendees of the event are required to pay for the benefit received (such as a meal). Examples of such events would be retirement dinners and scholarship recipient recognition luncheons. The fund cannot be used for departmental social functions or fundraising activities.

The Agency fund can be established for a college or an administrative unit. Funds will not be established for a department or individual event. The FOAPAL Element Request Form must contain the following: the responsible person with their phone number, the funding source in the event of a deficit (the funding source cannot be University funds), and how any remaining balance is to be disbursed, if the fund is inactive for five (5) years. The balance will be sent to the State Land Board and the fund terminated, if the fund is inactive for five (5) years.

The fund must maintain a $0 or positive cash balance and is not interest bearing. Deficits can be covered by personal funds and OSU Foundation (OSUF) or Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF) funds (if allowed per foundation policies). Only those costs allowed by Oregon State University may be paid on these funds. The unit is responsible for obtaining all approvals through Risk Management necessary for the event.

Payments to the fund should be in cash or with checks payable to Oregon State University. Income should be processed as Account Code 08001 Miscellaneous Other Revenues. Generally, costs should be paid with Account Code 28613 Public Relations.

For further information about Agency funds see: FIS 513.