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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

* This information replaces PAY 704 SAIF Loss-Time


SAIF Loss-Time

Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 12/27/2011


To avoid double payment of paid leave taken by an employee.


Employees receiving loss-time payments from SAIF for leave time covered by paid leave will be required to repay an amount of salary equal to the amount SAIF paid to the employee.  The sum an employee is required to repay will be substantially reduced if the time loss is properly reported on the time sheet.


SAIF Loss-Time Payments

More detailed information and guidance is available online at .

Responsible Party Action
SAIF Notifies the OSU Benefits Office of all loss-time payments and the period for which the payment was issued.
Business Ctr /Dept Contacts the Benefits Office to determine the effective date of the time-loss claim, which is the date SAIF starts time-loss benefits. If the employee has leave available to cover the absence, the time and attendance record should show 2/3 of the time off as leave without pay and 1/3 of the time off as paid leave. A notation stating the effective date of the SAIF claim should be included in the remarks section of the time sheet. Example: An eight-hour day would be shown as 5.34 hrs. LWOP and 2.66 hrs. sick leave. If a claim is questioned by SAIF and the effective date of the claim is not established until after a time sheet has been submitted, a corrected time sheet should be completed. Estimated current month timesheets may be needed for salary employees as well.
Payroll Office Enters the prorated leave without pay for salary, or correct hours owed for hourly based on the 1/3 leave and 2/3 leave without pay for the times SAIF has paid the employee.  Computes the amount of the overpayment, if any, based on time and attendance information.
Business Ctr /Dept If the employee is overpaid because he/she was paid more than 1/3 of the base salary by the University during the time-loss period, paid leave used should be restored. The Department should work with their Human Resources contact to restore the employee's leave.