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Director of Vendor Payment Strategies
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Friday, June 10, 2016

* This information replaces FIS 1108 Approval Routing & FIS 1109 Special Approvals & FIS 1110 Document Status & FIS 1111 Document Approval History


Approval Routing

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 03/10/2016

All Purchase Orders (POs), FIS Banner Invoices, and Journal Vouchers (JVs) require approval. Separation of duties between document input and document approval protects the University and the employee. There are three different steps to the input and approval process:
  • Payment authorization on the vendor invoice itself - indicates that the item or service was received and used for University Business
  • Inputting the document into FIS Banner
  • Payment approval through FIS Banner

These activities must be by at least two different people. The functions of inputting the document into FIS Banner and Approving payments MUST NOT be performed by the same person. In no instance should a staff member who is an invoice payee be involved in the processing (entering or approving) of that document.

Employee access is monitored for proper segregation by the Office of Business Affairs.

To approve documents, go to FOAUAPP in FIS Banner or go to Banner Self Service via OSU Online Services. The following document types will be shown:

  • Invoices (includes Credit Memos)
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Purchase Orders

Approval routing is based on organizational hierarchy, fund hierarchy, and/or account code.

Final approval authority and responsibility rests with the Business Centers for most invoice amounts up to $99,999.99 depending upon the respective account code. Business Affairs is the final approval for all invoices for which departmental final approval authorization has not been previously delegated. Upon final approval in FIS Banner, by either the delegated Business Center or Business Affairs, payment will be issued to the vendor for goods and services received.

Invoices for Fixed Assets

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 12/21/2011

When a capital asset is paid for in Banner using commodity level accounting and 40xxx account code, inventory information must be entered into the text screen. The following information must be included:

  • Preferred asset description, beginning with a common noun, and including key information about internal components or functions.

  • Responsible organization - the organization number used to group a unit's assets together for inventory

  • Received date

  • In use date

  • Location (Building/Room number)

  • Title-to code: who owns the asset and its insurance status

  • Acquisition Code

  • Manufacturer

  • Model Number

  • Serial Number

  • Manufacturer’s stock number

  • Condition Code

  • Functional Use Code

  • Sponsor's grant or contract number (if purchased on grant/contract funds)

  • Responsible person(full name and ID number)

  • Note any important additional information, such as whether or not this is a trade-in or upgrade

  • Name and Phone Number of person to contact about the invoice/asset

Fixed Asset invoices are routed to Property Administration for approval. For more information, see the Property Management (PRO) Policies & Procedures manual.

Processing Large Payments to Vendors

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 7/03/2014

Additional processing guidelines must be followed for large vendor payments. Attention to detail is of paramount importance when verifying that the item(s) and amount(s) invoiced by the vendor correspond precisely to the purchase order or contract.

Approvals consist of verification that accurate documentation is in place in Nolij, that a contract or Purchase Order was completed, that the payment is in accordance with the payment terms of the contract, and that the payment has programmatic approval.

If the payment is sent via wire transfer, all steps below must be followed with the exception of FIS Banner approvals. Wire transfers to do not route through approval queues in Banner so the appropriate approval documentation must be submitted with the Wire Transfer Request Form.

Approval must be granted by the following officials at the noted dollar thresholds.

Dollar Threshold

Required Process and Approving Officials

$25,000 and greater

For payments pertaining to the purchase of goods or services:

Banner invoice completion by a Procurement, Contract, and Materials Management  Analyst or Officer per PaCS 304-001 Invoice Completion and Approval.

For payments pertaining to Capital Planning and Development for procurement of BOLI PWR applicable services:

Banner invoice completion by a Capital Planning and Development staff member.

$300,000 and greater

Above requirement plus Banner approval by Business Affairs

$1,000,000 and greater

Above requirements plus written approval confirming payment is in accordance with the payment terms of the Purchase Order or contract from the following individuals:

Capital Planning and Development (CPD) Projects
CPD Financial Services Associate Director or
CPD Financial Services Fiscal Coordinator 2

Procurement of Goods and/or Services
Chief Procurement Officer or
Procurement Manager or
Strategic Procurement Manager

$5,000,000 and greater

Above requirements plus written programmatic approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration or Provost


1.       E-Mail to appropriate Department:

Procurement of Goods and/or Services - Submit an email to PCMM at requesting invoice approval and completion related to the procurement of goods or services. 

Reference the Banner Invoice document number, provide supporting documentation or information for verification that the appropriate procurement method has taken place or that an existing contract is in place, and provide the names of the individuals who reviewed the payment for adherence to the contract terms and provided budgetary approval.  This explanation must also be included in the Banner Invoice document text.

2.       The required approving official will review the invoice and documentation in order to make an approval determination.  If the purchase or contract for goods or services procurement or BOLI PWR procurement is determined to be unauthorized, the process for rectification or ratification of the unauthorized procurement will be followed. See PaCs 203 Unauthorized Procurements or Contracts.

3.       Once approved by the required authorized approver, PCMM or Capital Planning and Development staff member will complete the invoice in Banner as applicable.

4.       After all written approvals are received and the Banner invoice is completed, Business Affairs will finalize the payment process


Special Approvals

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 03/10/2016

Year End Budget Journal Vouchers

All budget change requests between units and/or between funds (those that cannot be completed using departmental 1xxx rule codes) must be submitted to the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning for approval at fiscal year-end.

Travel Approvals (paper)

International travel on grant funds must be authorized in advance by the Office of Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA).

Family member(s) travel, as part of the employee recruitment process, must be approved in advance by the appropriate Budget Authority and will be taxable to the candidate. Costs paid for family member(s) should be paid by the candidate and reimbursed either by the payroll process as a taxable benefit, after the individual is on payroll or, if the individual is not hired, reimbursed and then included on a year-end 1099 form to the individual. If the costs cannot be paid by the candidate, the appropriate Business Center will be responsible for tracking the expenses and working with Financial Accounting & Analysis (FA&A) or Central Payroll to ensure that those costs are reflected as a taxable benefit or payment to the candidate.


Document Status

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 12/22/2010

If the invoice or PO has an "A" next to it, it has final approval. A status of "O" means the document is open or incomplete. A status of "C" means the document is complete, no changes allowed. A status of “X” means the document is cancelled.


Document Approval History

Effective: 01/01/2003
Revised: 12/22/2010

The Document Approval History form lists the Originating User and Approver(s) for documents that have completed all or a portion of the approval process. Disapproval history is also included. Use Banner forms FOIAPHT or FOIAPPH or Transaction and Document Look-Up through Banner Self Service.