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Sr Payment & Systems Manager
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This information replaces FIS 407-01 Cash Out 


The Cash Out process may be used to facilitate timely reimbursement to students and volunteers for expenses up to $100.00.  A Cash-Out form with attached receipts is completed, signed at the unit by the Budget Authority, and brought to the Cashiers' window at Kerr Administration Building where cash is disbursed. This method of reimbursement is available only to volunteers and students who are already set up in the Banner system.


1. Contact the Business Center to determine if the student or volunteer has an active vendor record in FIS Banner.

2.  Complete the Cash-Out form.

3. Attach original itemized receipts and clearly mark the item being reimbursed. Ensure receipts do not include personally identifiable information such as  the credit card number. If the charge card slip does not itemize the purchase, include a separate store (cash register) receipt. For  receipts that do not show itemizations of the purchases, clearly write detailed information of what was purchased on the receipt.

Avoid charging or submitting reimbursement requests for unallowable items. Regardless of method of payment, all expenses paid by the University are audited. Funds will be requested back from the individual for any unallowable cost already reimbursed.

Reimbursements not allowed by the Cash-out method include:

  • Any costs that cannot be documented with a clear, complete business purpose
  • Wages, stipends, and testing incentives
  • Expenses paid for an event that has not yet occurred.
  • Deposits, such as those paid for photocopy cards or key deposits/key refunds.
  • Petty cash replenishments.
  • Communications, including cellular and telephone long distance charges, internet connections and phone cards.
  • Gift Cards or Certificates. These require prior approval and cannot be reimbursed. See FIS 410-27 Gift Cards and Certificates.

The following items are generally considered personal and should not be processed through OSU:

  • Candy and/or Gum
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Desk items, such as Kleenex
  • Greeting cards
  • Flowers as gifts
  • Key deposits
  • Replacement ID Card
  • Aspirin, cold medications, etc.
  • Clothing
  • CD's/cassettes
  • Meal tips >15%
  • Coffee room supplies for faculty & staff use
  • Meal cost over the OSU authorized per diem

4. Obtain approval by the person in the unit with budget authority prior to submission at Cashiers.

5. The claimant does not sign the original form until requested to do so by the Cashier.

6. The claimant takes the approved Cash-Out form, with the original receipts attached, to the Cashier's window in Kerr Administration Building. The claimant signs the form when receiving funds.

NOTE: The claimant has 30 days from the date on the approved Cash-Out form to present the Cash-Out request to Cashiers. After 30 days, the form will need to be re-approved (dated and initialed) by the unit.

The unit should keep a copy of each Cash-Out. These payments will be entered into FIS Banner via a JV by Cashier’s Business Affairs to the Index and Account code indicated by the unit. The description lines will begin with a "CO", identify the person paid, and the purpose. This information will show on the FGRODIN report, and in the data warehouse transaction detail. It will also appear on the individual's accounts receivable record.

  • Any disapproved expenses are to be paid by check payable to Oregon State University within 30 days after notification by Business Affairs. The check is to be submitted to the Cashier’s Office in Business Affairs where a cash receipt is prepared and the check deposited. A copy of the receipt is sent to the unit for the claimant's records.