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Director of Vendor Payment Strategies
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Thursday, February 17, 2022
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Monday, June 19, 2023

This information replaces FIS 407-01 Cash Out 


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1.  Summary

1.1.  Oregon State University allows for timely reimbursement to students and volunteers through a Cash Out process which allows for approved expenses up to $200 to be reimbursed in cash rather than a check.

1.2.  The intent of this policy is to facilitate such reimbursements based on IRS reasonable rules and OSU policies related to reimbursements and allowable expenses.

1.3.  All Budget Authorities, Business Centers, Departmental Staff, student and volunteer participants should be informed and understand this rule to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

2.  General Cash Out Requirements

2.1.  The Cash Out process allows students and volunteers to be reimbursed through the Cashiers office within 60 days of incurring the expense.

2.2.  Faculty and staff are not eligible.

2.3.  All reimbursements require a business purpose and proper documentation.

2.4.  Recipient must be set up as a vendor in the Banner system.

3.  Required Process

3.1.  Summary of Responsibilities

3.1.1.  Student/Volunteer:  Is responsible for presenting a signed Cash Out form with the required signatures and receipts to the Cashier’s office in the Kerr Administration Building on OSU’s main campus.  The claimant does not sign the original form until requested to do so by the Cashier.  The claimant must present two forms of ID, including a government issued photo ID to receive the cash.

3.1.2.  Budget Authority:  Authorize expense by signing the Cash Out form.

3.1.3.  Business Center:  Determine if the student or volunteer has an active vendor record in FIS Banner system, and request setup if necessary.

3.1.4.  Departmental Staff:  Complete Cash Out form, verify valid itemized receipt or similar documentation showing purchase.  Ensure receipts do not include personally identifiable information.  Avoid charging or submitting reimbursement requests for unallowable items.  The Department should keep a copy of each Cash Out.

3.1.5.  Cashier’s Office:  Process the cash out request when presented with the Cash Out form and enter payment into FIS Banner by journal voucher to the index and account code indicated by the Department.  The description lines will begin with a "CO", identify the person paid, and the purpose.

3.2.  Payment of Cash Out

3.2.1.  The claimant has 60 days from the date on the approved Cash Out form to present the request to Cashiers.  After 60 days, the form will need to be re-approved (dated and initialed) by the unit.

3.2.2.  The expense will show on the FGRODIN report, and in the transaction detail report.  It will also appear on the individual's accounts receivable record.

3.2.3.  All expenses paid by the University are audited.

3.3.  Reimbursements not allowed by the Cash Out method

3.3.1.  Any costs that cannot be documented with a clear, complete business purpose.

3.3.2.  Wages, stipends and testing incentives.

3.3.3.  Petty cash replenishments.

3.3.4.  Communications, including cellular and telephone long distance charges, internet connections and phone cards.

3.3.5.  Gift Cards or Certificates.  These require prior approval and cannot be reimbursed.  See FIS 03-140-512 Gift Cards and Certificates.

3.3.6.  Non-business expenses that are considered personal in nature.

4.  Related Information

4.1.  University Policy 03-100 Fiscal Policy Program Authority

4.2.  Please refer to all other policies, standards, fiscal rules and related guidelines that may be applicable, including but not limited to the following:

4.2.1.  03-140-101 to 109 Invoice Processing

4.2.2.  03-140-202 Personal Reimbursements

4.2.3.  03-140-401 Travel

4.2.4.  03-140-512 Gift Cards or Certificates

4.3.  Please check with your supervisor for unit-level procedures related to this rule.

4.4.  Following are forms and other resources related to this policy:

4.4.1.  Cash Out Form

4.5.  Fiscal Policy Program Definitions of Terminology

4.6.  Fiscal Policy Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5.  History

5.1.  Original Issue Date:  12/1998 (FIS 407-01 Cash Out)

5.2.  Last Version:  08/2016 (FIS 407-01 Cash Out)

5.3.  Last Review Date:  06/2020

5.4.  Next Scheduled Review Date:  06/2023

6.  Contacts

6.1.  Policy Steward:  Director of Vendor Payment Strategies (contact info)

6.2.  Program:  Fiscal Policy Officer (contact – for program inquiries only)

6.3.  Link to full list of Fiscal Policy Program Contacts