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Director of Vendor Payment Strategies
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Revision Date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

This information replaces FIS 406-14 One-Time Vendor Refunds 


Full or partial refunds for fees that were received for Parking Citations, Parking Permits, and/or Athletic Camp or other Registrations may be done through a modified or one-time vendor set-up process. To qualify, the vendor must not already be set up in Banner as a vendor, must be an individual (not a business or company), payment must be $750 or less, and the payment cannot be considered an expense to OSU.

The refund should be paid out of the same fund and revenue account code where the original payment or cash was received so it is recorded as a reduction of revenue. Note: a refund for a payment that was originally made on a credit card must be processed as a credit against the same credit card.

When a refund is processed that contains a known service fee that will be retained by a unit, the accounting should be done to show the refund amount plus the service fee amount as a deduction to the original revenue account code and a second line item which reflects a deduction or credit for the service fee amount to account code 06997 Return and Allowance.

To request a one-time vendor refund – completely fill out the Payment Request  form with the required information and signatures, the “F” document number from the original receipt and the reason for the refund. Please explain in the Business/Refund Purpose section of the Payment Request form if the request is for a partial refund or service fees are withheld. Submit the form for one-time vendor refunds to Central Accounts Payable.

Once received, the data from the Payment Request form is entered into FIS Banner. The requesting OSU unit will be notified with the “I” document number so they can route the original document to the appropriate Business Center for approval, scanning, and filing.