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Director of FA&A
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

* This information replaces FIS 505 How to Determine Fund, Account, Budget Balances


Cash and Fund Balance

Finding a cash balance or fund balance (sometimes referred to as an account balance) is appropriate for self-support funds. This would include 05xxxx (designated operations funds), 09xxxx (service center funds), 1xxxxx (auxiliary funds), 4xxxxx (endowments), Mxxxxx (gifts/scholarships), FSxxxx (gifts/scholarships-OSUF), and FAxxxx (gifts-ARF). For General Fund indexes or other budgeted funds and grants, the budget balance is most important.

To find your fund balance (cash plus receivables, etc.), go to FIS Banner form FGITBSR and query on your fund with the current fiscal year indicated. Your calculated fund balance is given in the Current Fund Balance field at the lower right-hand corner of the screen. To find your cash balance, go to FGITBSR and query on A0901 Cash on Hand.

Budget Balance

This is appropriate for General Fund indexes (fund = 001100) and other budgeted funds. Grants will have an expense budget which will also be discussed below.

To find your budget balance go to FIS form FGIBDST and query on your index for the current fiscal year (for grants see below). Usually, budgeted amounts will only be in certain general account codes, not distributed to all the account codes in which you have had transactions. FGIBSUM might also be helpful as it gives budget balances for the major budget categories and the net available balance.

For grants, go to FRIGITD and query on your grant. Refer to the Grants, Contracts and Gift Accounting Manual for further information.

Charges (or Credits) to Index

Go to FIS form FGITRND. Find the transaction and its document number and drill down to the document itself.

If the document is a journal voucher with the ordinary J prefix or an invoice with the usual I prefix, you can find the name of the person who input the transaction (the originating user) by going to FOIAPPH or FOIAPHT and running a query on the document number. This should allow you to identify the source of the transaction.

If the document begins with two letters, the transaction was sent electronically to FIS. The source of the transaction is identified by these letters, e.g. VP = Printing and Mailing. For a complete list of document types see FIS 1100 Banner Processes.