New or revised policies recently implemented

The following fiscal policies have been updated this month:

  • 03-140-401 Travel Revised to align with the new travel system.  Following is a summary of key changes to this policy:

    • Domestic & Foreign multi-day travel will require pre-trip registration in Concur.
    • The FIS Travel Policy has been revised, effective June 21st.
    • A new Online Booking Tool within Concur will be available for Air, Car, Hotel and Rail bookings.
    • A new Travel & Expense Office has been created through re-organization of existing staff.
    • All travel and non-travel employee reimbursements will be processed through Concur.
    • Travel and departmental advances will be requested and issued through Concur.
    • All existing OSU credit cards will be replaced with new individually named cards.
    • New credit cards as well as updates to existing credit cards will be requested through Concur.
    • Credit card transactions will be reconciled within Concur by the cardholder or their delegate.

Need a new or revised fiscal policy?

1) Contact the Fiscal Policy COORDINATOR for your Business Center or Unit

2) Work with your Coordinator to complete & submit the Fiscal Policy REQUEST Form

3) Monitor the STATUS of your request or any activity of a fiscal policy or rule