New or revised policies recently implemented

  • A new process for Payment of Relocation Allowance has been implemented to improve operational efficiency and consistency related to processing relocation allowances.  As a result of these process changes, some minor revisions have also been made to fiscal policy 03-120-404 Relocation Allowance.


Need a new or revised fiscal policy?

1) Contact the Fiscal Policy COORDINATOR for your Business Center or Unit

2) Work with your Coordinator to complete & submit the Fiscal Policy REQUEST Form

3) Monitor the STATUS of your request or any activity of a fiscal policy or rule


Fiscal Policy Program Information

Click on this link to the Introduction to learn more about the Fiscal Policy Program and how to navigate through the online manual.

We are currently in the process of converting to this new Fiscal Policy Manual, and conducting a thorough review of each policy to ensure the following:

  • The purpose (fiscal principles) and intent (rationale) are clear and reasonable;
  • The content is consistent with university policies and standards, as well as the strategic plan of the Division of Finance and Administration;
  • The content is relevant, aligned with the current governance structure and any reference to OUS has been removed; and
  • The standardized format, numbering convention and new status fields are updated.

This is a significant undertaking that will take time.  At this point, all FIS policies have been transferred to the new manual, but you may notice some significant differences from what you have been accustomed to seeing, such as:

  • Policies that overlap or work together have been identified and are now organized together under one fiscal rule.  As policies are reviewed and updated the content will be merged together as a single fiscal rule.
  • The numbering convention has changed as described in the Introduction document (link above).
  • The header of each fiscal rule includes a reference to the FIS policy number(s) being replaced, as well as new status fields used to track and summarize useful information used for the Status Report, which allows you to monitor information and activity related to fiscal policy.