New or revised policies recently implemented

The following fiscal policies have been updated this month:

  • 03-140-401 Travel:  Full review & update - Consolidates all policies related to travel & replaces FIS 411, FIS 102-08, FIS 410-21, FIS 410-29 & university policy for Air Travel.

  • 03-110-206 Parking Permits & Fines:  Full review & update - Replaces FIS 101-02 Parking Fines & FIS 205 Parking Permits & FIS 410-20 Payment of Fines.  Updates guidelines to align with Transportation Services policies.


Need a new or revised fiscal policy?

1) Contact the Fiscal Policy COORDINATOR for your Business Center or Unit

2) Work with your Coordinator to complete & submit the Fiscal Policy REQUEST Form

3) Monitor the STATUS of your request or any activity of a fiscal policy or rule