In accordance with the fiscal policy program, the Fiscal Policy Committee is soliciting your feedback on the following policy drafts.   We also appreciate any recommendations on related FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), including any additional questions that we should create an FAQ for.

Your feedback is valued and will be taken into consideration as each policy is finalized.  Please email your feedback to no later than Tuesday, January 18th.  Thank you!

This new policy provides guidance for processing and accounting of any employee compensation that is delayed for any reason and must be paid retroactively to the employee(s).  Such payments are normally posted to each employee's current labor distribution at the time the retroactive payment is processed through payroll.  This policy provides guidelines for when labor distribution(s) should be reviewed to ensure that the current distribution matches where the individual worked for each period affected and when labor costs should be redistributed to the appropriate index for each specified period.  

This fiscal policy has been updated to include requirements and guidance related to payments for Royalties (section 3.4 of policy draft) and Incentives (section 3.5 of policy draft).