Policy Updates

The following fiscal policies have been updated and posted on the Fiscal Policy Program website.  Please contact the Fiscal Policy Coordinator for your Unit or the Policy Steward listed on each policy with any questions.

03-120-204 Graduate Student Employee Compensation has had a minor revision to update the payroll process for distributing tuition remission. With the budget change to remissions and diversified resources many units now have at their disposal, it is no longer a requirement to pay grad fee remissions from the same source as wages and OPE or use restricted funds which prohibit tuition remission expenses. This change may require additional oversight of labor distributions to ensure costs are posted correctly, and any redistribution must be made timely.

03-140-513 Miscellaneous Expenses has had a Minor revision to remove sunscreen & bug spray from list of personal items, since these are frequently used for field work.


Policy Under Review

In accordance with the fiscal policy program, the Fiscal Policy Committee is soliciting your feedback on the following policy drafts.  We also appreciate any recommendations on related FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), including any additional questions that we should create an FAQ for.

There are no recent policy updates.


Need a new or revised fiscal policy?

1) Contact the Fiscal Policy COORDINATOR for your Business Center or Unit

2) Work with your Coordinator to complete & submit the Fiscal Policy REQUEST Form

3) Monitor the STATUS of your request or any activity of a fiscal policy or rule