The following policies have been updated and posted on the Controller's Unit Policy Program website.  Please contact the appropriate Policy Steward (listed below for each policy) with any questions.


03-150-106 Interest Earnings

  • Purpose of Policy:  Provides guidelines for identifying, valuing, accounting and reporting SBITA software contracts, agreements and transactions in OSU’s financial statements and underlying accounting system, in accordance with new GASB 96 requirements.
  • Compliance Requirement:  GASB 96 requires OSU to identify all SBITAs, which result in a right-to-use subscription (intangible) asset and a corresponding subscription liability, and to account for them appropriately.
  • Policy Change:  New policy.
  • Reason for Change:  GASB 96.
  • Policy Steward:  Mark Fryman, Director of Financial Accounting & Reporting