Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 000: Introductory Material
Effective: 07/01/1995
Revised: 09/28/2015

Transfer From One Responsible Organization (ORG) To Another

The asset transfer form is used to transfer assets from one responsible ORG to another or to correct a department's ORG code, should it change. Asset transfers between departments require signatures from both the requesting and the receiving parties (approval via email can also be accepted as signature).

  1. Asset Tag #: Enter the asset number of the item to be transferred.
  2. Asset Description: Enter a brief description of the asset.
  3. Transfer From ORG: Enter the Organization code for the department currently responsible for the asset.
  4. Transfer From Location: Enter the Location code currently showing on the asset record (if not known, enter the building and room number).
  5. Transfer To ORG: Enter the NEW Organization to which the asset is being transferred.
  6. Transfer to Location: Enter the NEW Location code for the item (if not known, enter the building and room number).
  7. New Custodian/Principal Investigator (PI): Enter the PI name and 2-digit code (if known) for the Custodian that will now manage the asset.
  8. Reason for Transfer: If other information should be appended to the text field of the asset record, enter it here.  Identify which asset record the text should be added to, if more than one asset is being transferred on the same form.
  9. Requestor Name: Type or print the name of the person requesting the transfer.
  10. Date: Enter the date of the request.
  11. Receiver Name: Type or print the name of the person accepting the property in the new ORG (could be responsible person, department inventory coordinator, or department head).
  12. Date: Enter the date responsibility was accepted.
  13. Fixed Assets and Date: Leave blank (Fixed Assets will sign and date when the transfer is entered into FIS Banner).

Departments may also use this form to correct locations or PI codes.

Downloadable Form

Fixed Asset Transfer Form with Sample Data